The Glory of Wisdom

Exploring Mystical-Kabbalistic Wisdom from the Martinist Order The "Glory of Wisdom" is a short but profoundly insightful treatise on the fall, the misery, the restoration, and the high destiny of humankind from the archives of the Martinist Order. The Martinist Order traces its origins back to mystics and occultists [...]

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Beliefs On The Spiritual Path – How Authentic Spirituality Shifts Our Worldview

TheSpiritual Path - Are you confident about your understanding of spirituality? Have you ever pondered over the destination of the spiritual journey? What exactly are beliefs, and what role do they play on this mystical path? In this beginner's guide, we'll delve into these questions and illuminate how to [...]

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Next Generation – Genius in the New Age

Genius - Exploring the Future of Education and Human Development Elias Rubenstein This book is indispensable for educators and parents alike. "Genius in the New Age" might initially seem like a topic that only concerns parents, but it delves much deeper. It's about our personal growth and the development [...]

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The Powerful Symbols of the Tarot

Tarot decks consist of 78 cards, or symbolic keys, divided into 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. Among the best known variations are: the Tarot de Marseille, the Rider-Waite Tarot, and the Crowley Tarot. Initiates of the Mysteries left the Tarot as a system of symbols to transmit [...]

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Martinism – The Initiation

The Martinist Order is derived from a regular high-degree system of Freemasonry and is considered spiritual Freemasonry. Among the founders of Martinism are Martines de Pasqually, Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin and Jean Baptiste Willermoz. Martinism is an initiatory path of hermetic and alchemical refinement. Within Martinism, the aspirant receives answers [...]

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The True Knowledge of Astrology

Astrology has lost much of its credibility due to fortune tellers and profane astrologers. Despite its ancient history as one of the arcane arts, it is not about horoscopes in a magazine or choosing a partner, but a powerful tool for personal development. Astrology is the interpretation of the [...]

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Prayer – The Power of Sincere Prayer

Prayers are like conversations...but they transcend the material and act as a bridge between the heavenly and the earthly. They are not testimonies of lies, but an insight in words and mirrors of the deepest truth.. Prayer is a conversation, a dialog between God and man. Through prayer, individuals [...]

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Imagination – The Hidden Power

The imagination is a unique and powerful source for materializing goals... However, simply wishing for something from the universe is not enough! The skillful and conscious use of the imagination is one of the great disciplines of the Western Mysteries. The word "imagination" comes from the Latin "imago," meaning [...]

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Achieving Enlightenment through Hermeticism

Enlightenment is a state of consciousness that has been experienced by relatively few individuals since the beginning of humanity... however it is possible to have this experience, even today. Contrary to the trend in popular esotericism, the Mystery Tradition (Hermeticism), understands enlightenment differently. Whilst there are different levels of [...]

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