Elias Rubenstein - Next Generation: Genius in the New Age

Next Generation: Genius in the New Age

Elias Rubenstein

This book is essential for all educators and parents. Genius in the New Age is a subject that, at first glance, seems to be of interest only to parents. But it is about much more than that: it is about our own development and the development of humanity as a whole. What awaits us in the generations to come – what challenges will we face and what tasks will we have to accomplish?

This book is about upbringing, school, education, the digital age, the advantages and disadvantages of certain educational systems, artificial intelligence, spiritual laws, spirituality, the school of the future and the challenges of today’s educational system.

The following topics are covered:
The softened society
What evolution teaches us
A new era of education
Children as mirrors of parents
The Hermetic laws of life Farewell to the old school 37
Welcome to the age of AI!
The blessing and curse of digital media
Our daily classroom
What children should not learn (yet)
Competencies in the New Age
On the path to improvement
Spirituality in the education of children
Vulnerable or independent
Man in the New World Order
Technology and evolution

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