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Work to Live” vs. “Live to Work”: Embracing Our Destiny in the Spiritual Evolution

2023-11-26T14:02:15+01:00November 25th, 2023|Dr. Elias Rubenstein's Esoteric Wisdom, Hermetic Insights|

Introduction The debate between "work to live" and "live to work" often centers around personal preference and lifestyle choices. However, from a spiritual perspective, this discussion takes on a more profound dimension. It becomes a matter of fulfilling our destiny and actively participating in our spiritual evolution. The Magnum [...]

From Disorientation to Enlightenment: Embracing the Sun’s Guiding Light

2023-11-25T09:29:48+01:00November 25th, 2023|Dr. Elias Rubenstein's Esoteric Wisdom, Infinite Horizons, Kaleidoscope|

Introduction In an era brimming with rapid change and information overload, it's no surprise that many of us feel disoriented. This disorientation isn't just physical; it's deeply spiritual and philosophical. It's in this context that we revisit an ancient word – "orientate," drawing its roots from "orient," meaning the [...]

Embracing the Light of the Higher Self: A Journey with Tarot Key 19 and Hermetic Wisdom

2023-11-24T15:12:39+01:00November 24th, 2023|Dr. Elias Rubenstein's Esoteric Wisdom, Hermetic Insights|

Introduction to the Essence of Tarot and Key 19 The Tarot, a mystical tool rich in symbolism and insight, offers a unique path to personal and spiritual growth. Among its many keys, Key 19, commonly known as The Sun, shines as a beacon of enlightenment and self-discovery. This key, [...]

The Lantern’s Light: Finding Your Path with The Hermit’s Wisdom

2023-11-24T11:43:50+01:00November 24th, 2023|Dr. Elias Rubenstein's Esoteric Wisdom, Infinite Horizons|

Embark on a transformative journey to spiritual enlightenment, guided by the timeless wisdom of Tarot Key 9. Introduction In the realm of Tarot, each card is a doorway to deep insights and transformative experiences. Tarot Key 9 - The Hermit, stands out as a symbol of introspection and guidance. [...]

The Merkabah: Navigating Life’s Journey with the Wisdom of the Higher Self

2023-11-26T15:13:38+01:00November 24th, 2023|Dr. Elias Rubenstein's Esoteric Wisdom, Hermetic Insights|

Embark on a journey of discovery, where the ancient wisdom of Merkabah meets the guiding light of your higher self. Introduction In the quest for spiritual understanding, ancient symbols often hold keys to profound truths. One such symbol, the Merkabah, is not merely a relic of mystic lore but [...]

The Future of AI and Human Evolution: Navigating Beyond Intellectual Limits

2023-11-15T09:23:58+01:00November 15th, 2023|Dr. Elias Rubenstein's Esoteric Wisdom, Infinite Horizons|

Introduction Many self-proclaimed intellectuals eagerly anticipate the next chapter of technological advancement, particularly the advent of personal AI assistance. They firmly believe that the human brain has reached its maximum potential, positioning AI as the next evolutionary step. This essay critically examines this premise, revealing its fundamental flaws and [...]

Hidden Paths to Prosperity: What Money Can’t Buy

2023-11-13T18:38:55+01:00November 12th, 2023|Dr. Elias Rubenstein's Esoteric Wisdom|

The Spiritual Side of Wealth In our money-driven world, we often equate prosperity with material wealth. However, let's journey beyond this narrow definition and explore the hidden paths to prosperity, those often overlooked avenues that lead to true abundance. We will dive into the spiritual side of wealth and [...]

Is There More to Life? Unveiling Secrets for a Fulfilled Existence

2023-11-12T16:12:02+01:00November 12th, 2023|Dr. Elias Rubenstein's Esoteric Wisdom|

The Magic of Life Have you ever gazed at the stars and wondered if there's more to life than what meets the eye? This burning question has echoed through the ages, and the answer lies in the mystical corridors of ancient wisdom. Embarking on a Mystical Journey Our everyday [...]

A Beginner’s Guide to Overcoming Existential Angst: Finding Peace Beyond Material Richness

2023-11-12T14:58:21+01:00November 12th, 2023|Dr. Elias Rubenstein's Esoteric Wisdom|

Introduction: The Quest for Inner Peace Have you ever felt a deep sense of unease, a nagging feeling that something isn't quite right, despite having all the material comforts you could wish for? Welcome to a journey of understanding and transforming existential angst, a journey that transcends the boundaries [...]

Addressing the Bubble of Outdated Practices in Spiritual Organizations

2023-11-11T10:00:28+01:00November 11th, 2023|Dr. Elias Rubenstein's Esoteric Wisdom|

The Challenge of Rigid Traditions A profound challenge that confronts many longstanding spiritual organizations today is the unwillingness or inability to critically examine their teachings and practices. Often, these groups transform into personality cults, where questioning or altering the established teachings is seen as sacrilegious. This rigid adherence to [...]

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