Hermetic Symbols – Their Power

Hermetic symbols can be found in the places of worship of ancient peoples and cultures, such as the Egyptian, Persian and Indian civilizations. Also, in the spiritual works of Kabbalists, alchemists and mystics such as Jakob Böhme and Robert Fludd, to name but two. Since the Renaissance and the [...]

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Anthroposophy – the mystical science

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) is considered the founder of Anthroposophy, which he described as a spiritual science. Anthroposophy literally means "wisdom of the human being". Rudolf Steiner's aim was to approach spiritual realities with the same scientific methodology that scientists use in their fields. Anthroposophy - Rudolf Steiner was initially [...]

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Fake news – the manipulation

Fake news is the deliberate dissemination of false information in a manipulative manner. It includes falsehoods as well as tendentious or deliberately incomplete information published to spread political, religious, social, economic, etc. propaganda. Fake news also includes the influence of governments or non-governmental organisations to manage political sentiment. Fake [...]

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Sect – propaganda term of defamation

Sect is a term derived from the Latin "secta" and is used to describe a movement, political party, school or doctrine. In our language, a sect generally refers to the separation of a religious community from its mother church. In contrast to a classical schism within a church, where [...]

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Meditation: 8 steps to spirituality Consciousness

Meditation comes from the Latin "meditare", which means "to consider, to keep in mind, to have in mind". Meditation is the conscious withdrawal of a person's mindfulness or attention from the outside to the inside. There are various forms of meditation for spiritual experience. The meditator consciously directs the [...]

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The Wheel of Reincarnation

The term reincarnation comes from the Latin "re-carneus" and means "rebirth". It represents the cycle of birth, death and rebirth in an earthly body. The teachings of reincarnation are initially not very familiar to Western spiritual students. This is often due to their religious upbringing in the belief system [...]

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Occultism – the hidden power

The term occultism comes from the Latin "occultus" and means "hidden, concealed, secret, not public, closed". Occultism is often mistakenly associated in social media and online dictionaries only or mainly with negative, criminal and dark forces and practices. Occult (occultism), as the etymological derivation from Latin shows, is only [...]

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Gematria – Numerology and Number Symbolism

Numbers not only have a mathematical meaning, but also convey certain ideas and meanings. This enables the wise person to communicate complex hidden content through numbers. Gematria is a sub-discipline of Kabbalah that is often misunderstood and misused as a mere numerology of divination. Gematria - The symbolism of [...]

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Hermetic Training in Mystery Schools

HERMETIC TRAINING WITH PRACTICAL COURSES Hermetic training for the practical man: The focus of training at the Hermetic Academy is not only on theoretical knowledge and the accumulation of hypothetical facts, but on teaching how the Hermetic Laws can be applied in one's own life. "Knowledge without application and [...]

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