Understanding Gluten: 5 Hidden Risks, High-Gluten Foods, Food Sensitivities, and Dietary Management

Introduction Some spiritual students choose special diets that are sometimes vegetarian or vegan, for example, and have a lot of cereal products. However, an excess of certain foodstuffs can have health effects for some people. Gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and related grains, is a staple component [...]

2024-05-23T13:40:57+02:00May 23rd, 2024|Holistic Health|

Understanding the Health Disadvantages of Excessive Sugar Consumption

Let's dive into understanding the health disadvantages of excessive sugar consumption. Some people live vegetarian or choose specific diets, yet they do not pay attention to their sugar consumption, which can have a significant impact on health. Excessive sugar consumption is a widespread health concern that affects various bodily functions [...]

2024-05-23T12:37:36+02:00May 23rd, 2024|Holistic Health|

Understanding Oxalates: Health Risks, High-Oxalate Superfoods, and Balanced Consumption

Spiritual aspirants are sometimes more focused on their diet than other people, and some diets can have effects that many are unaware of, as these foods may not be as healthy in high doses as one believes, especially in purely vegan or vegetarian diets. Sometimes, people experience health issues but [...]

2024-05-11T12:56:55+02:00May 11th, 2024|Holistic Health|

Understanding Lectins: Potential Risks, High-Lectin Foods, and How to Enjoy Them Safely

Many spiritual seekers tend to follow specialized diets and sometimes experience health problems without recognizing the link to their nutrition. Excessive consumption of certain foods can adversely affect health, as some so-called superfoods may not be as beneficial as believed. This is due to the presence of compounds like lectins, [...]

2024-05-11T12:56:45+02:00May 11th, 2024|Holistic Health|
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