Hermetic Courses: Initiatory Wisdom for Personal Evolution

Introduction to Hermetic Courses

Immerse yourself in our extensive range of Hermetic courses to unlock ancient knowledge and transformative rituals, guided by the visionary leadership of Dr Elias Rubenstein. Founder of the Hermetic Academy, Dr Rubenstein infuses each course with deep esoteric wisdom, offering a structured path to true wisdom and self-mastery. Each course is a testament to his lifelong dedication to teaching and his profound understanding of Hermetic philosophy, providing an essential foundation for any seeker of truth.

Basic Hermetic Course: The Miracle of Hermeticism 

This is where your journey begins, not with simple education, but with an awakening. Unlock mental laws that sculpt reality, and arm yourself with time-honored wisdom to conquer life’s existential challenges. Here, education is an act of transformation.

Content: 16 lessons
Duration: 4 months

Hermetic Academy Course - The Miracle of Hermeticism


Redefine wealth in a course that teaches you to cultivate abundance in all its forms. Go beyond mere financial advice to understand the spiritual laws of prosperity, crucial in creating lasting affluence in a rapidly shifting world.

Content: 14 lessons
Duration: 3.5 months

Hermetic Academy Course - Universal Wealth


Embark on a holistic approach to well-being where you learn the Hermetic connections between mind and body. This is not just a health class—it’s a course in understanding the language of your body, providing keys to vitality that is fundamental in the modern age.

Content: 12 lessons
Duration: 3 months

Hermetic Academy Course - Universal Health


Discover your cosmic purpose with teachings that illuminate the true origin and potential of mankind. This is a profound voyage beyond the superficial layers of mainstream spirituality, offering navigational tools for the soul’s journey back to its source.

Content: 12 lessons
Duration: 3 months

Hermetic Academy Course - Universal Spiritual Development


In an information-saturated era, this course equips you to discern essential knowledge from noise. Learn to apply this wisdom to achieve concrete goals, a skill set indispensable for success in both personal and professional realms.

Content: 12 lessons
Duration: 3 months

Hermetic Academy Course - Universal Education


Free yourself from the shackles of outdated dogmas with a course that opens doors to enlightened spirituality. Gain a timeless perspective on religious wisdom, essential for those who seek to traverse the spiritual landscape with autonomy and insight.

Content: 12 lessons
Duration: 3 months

Hermetic Academy Course - Universal Religious Freedom


Navigate social complexity with confidence. This course isn’t about politics; it’s about empowering you to enact change, providing Hermetic strategies for leadership and community engagement that are critical in today’s world.

Content: 12 lessons
Duration: 3 months

Hermetic Academy Course - Universal Political Freedom


Master inner serenity in a course designed for those who understand that peace is the foundation of a fulfilled life. Learn practices to maintain calm in the storm, an ability more vital now than ever in our turbulent times.

Content: 12 lessons
Duration: 3 months

Hermetic Academy Course - Universal Peace

The Power of Rituals in the Hermetic Academy’s Initiatory Journey

The system of the Hermetic Academy is built on study, meditation, and rituals. Rituals act as vital vessels, channeling life force to promote spiritual growth and enlightenment. At the Hermetic Academy, we understand the essential role these practices play in the spiritual journey. Recognizing rituals as the true Hermetic Alchemy, mentioned in numerous texts but understood by few, we integrate these transformative practices into our Initiatory Path. Our goal is to harness this dynamic energy and assist individuals in forming a deep connection with their inner selves and the greater cosmos. Similar to meditation, yet rooted in the realm of action, these practices become powerful tools for personal transformation. Within the authentic environment of a Mystery School, rituals transcend mere routine and evolve into profound acts of engagement with the universal life force. This profound alignment not only fosters spiritual growth, but also unlocks access to the deepest layers of being, opening the door to enlightenment and significant personal transformation.

Your Path to Mastery

Investigate our Hermetic Courses to unearth the secrets of astrology, alchemy, and spiritual advancement. Each Hermetic course at the Hermetic Academy is a key to unlocking profound inner transformation and understanding. This is not just learning; this is a legacy of empowerment. Here, you don’t just adapt to life—you redefine it. Our Hermetic Courses deliver thorough training in arcane knowledge, aiding you in attaining spiritual enlightenment and personal metamorphosis.

Join the Hermetic Academy

Our Hermetic Courses provide practical exercises and profound teachings to enhance your comprehension and personal practice. Step into a tradition that has enlightened minds for centuries. Begin your transformative journey today and unlock the secrets to a life of depth, meaning, and mastery.

Advanced Courses: Unlocking the Rich Treasures of Hermetic Tradition After Completing 8 Foundational Courses

1. Mighty Symbols of Hermeticism

Content: 50 lessons
Duration: 12.5 months

Mystery Schools

2. Master Keys of the Kabbalah

Content: 48 lessons
Duration: 12 months

Western Kabbalah

3. Hermetic Astrology

Content: 68 lessons
Duration: 17 months

hermetic astrology

4. Alchemy – Transmutation of Lead to Gold

Content: 14 lessons
Duration: 3.5 months

Ancient Wisdom

5. Martinism – the Journey of the Heart

Content: 6 lessons
Duration: 1.5 months

martinism ritualism

6. The Mystery of the Rosicrucians

Content: 12 lessons
Duration: 3 months

rosicrucian cross

7. Hermetic Words of Power

Content: 7 lessons
Duration: 3.5 months

Words of Power

8. Transformation of the Creative Power

Content: 7 lessons
Duration: 3.5 months

overcome polarity harmonic relationships

9. Awakening the Serpent Power

Content: 9 lessons
Duration: 2.25 months

serpent power kundalini awaken

10. Super-Mastering of the Five Elements

Content: 6 lessons
Duration: 1.5 months

Wisdom Evolution

11. Build your Higher Vehicle with Kabbalistic Mantras

Content: 10 lessons
Duration: 2.5 months

mantras kabbalah merkabah creation

12. Mighty Symbols of Kabbalah (Connect with Higher Worlds)

Content: 30 lessons
Duration: 7.5 months

Tree of Life and higher Worlds