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Hermetic Academy

Understand the inner reality behind the outer appearance and the mysteries of the inner nature of man.

The online courses within the Hermetic Academy assist you in overcoming existential angst, finding the meaning of life, defeating the fear of death and developing your inner potential. The online instructions are written in contemporary language and convey both theory and practice. For millennia, the tradition of hermeticism has preserved the proven tools of study, meditation and ritual.

  • Weekly a compact lesson

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  • $ 25 / month

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8 Basic Courses

Our courses are designed to be lifelike so you can put the content into practice in your life.

Know yourself!

Since time immemorial, humans have been trying to understand the world in which they live. If you persistently seek wisdom and knowledge, your journey will take you to an authentic mystery school. Mystery schools have been in existence at all times throughout history and were the spiritual hubs of many ancient cultures. The Hermetic Academy is a mystery school that retains practical tools and instructions, revealing a method to help you understand the inner reality behind the outer appearance and the mysteries of the inner nature of man.

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8 In-Depth Courses

After completing the 8 basic courses, you have the opportunity to study the advanced courses.

1. Mighty Symbols of Hermeticism

2. Master Keys of the Kabbalah

3. Hermetic Astrology

4. Alchemy – Transmutation of Lead to Gold

5. Martinism – the Journey of the Heart

6. The Mystery of the Rose and the Cross

7. Hermetic Words of Power

8. Transformation of the Creative Power

For whom is the Hermetic Academy suitable?

  • For people who want to develop their personality
  • For people who are looking for the meaning of life
  • For people looking for basic answers
  • For people who want to understand the life plan
  • For people who want to find out the cause of their life situation
  • For people who want to expand their spiritual thinking
  • For people who want to realize their potential
  • For people who want to explore the hidden knowledge of mysteries
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A minimum age of 18 years

A commitment to human dignity, freedom and self-determination

You need a web-enabled PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone

You do not need any previous knowledge to be able to study at the Hermetic Academy

How does the Hermetic Academy work?

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Features of the Hermetic Academy

Lesson Notes

With the Lesson Note feature, you can capture your inspirations and write them down as personal notes. You can save these notes and recall them later.

Read Aloud Assistant (Upgrade)

You don’t feel like reading or are on the road and can’t read right now? Then activate Hermetic Voice and have our lessons read to you.

Fit for all end devices

Whether on the desktop, tablet or smartphone – our website is fully responsive and adapts to your end devices.

“Knowledge is Power” (Francis Bacon)

Then, as now, mystery schools used the best possible medium to disseminate teaching.

Long ago, the teachers of the mystery schools taught their students only from mouth to ear. The creation of writings took several years. Reproducing books was very time consuming and costly. Through Gutenberg’s invention of book printing, the Guardians of Ageless Wisdom were able to make the teaching accessible to more people. In our time there is the Internet. Thus numerous people worldwide can gain access to the Timeless Wisdom. Timeless Wisdom is imperishable and endures for all eternity. However, the medium of transmission is adapted to modern possibilities by the guardians of teaching.

About the Hermetic Academy

The Hermetic Academy was founded by Senator h.c. Dr. Dr. h.c. Elias Rubenstein in order to teach and preserve the ageless wisdom of hermeticism. Study, meditation and ritual illustrate the three pillars of the Hermetic Academy.

The term “hermeticism” stems from Hermes. In Greek mythology, Hermes is the mediator between mind and matter. For millennia, the wisdom tradition of hermeticism has preserved tested and verified tools for the spiritual development of mankind. Self-knowledge helps us to achieve a greater understanding of life, expanding our perception of the opportunities life holds for us and our ability to respond to them. The greatest secrets are available to those who are prepared to receive them.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ

What kind of personal and technical requirements do I need to become a member of the Hermetic Academy?2019-07-29T23:29:09+02:00

The hermetic instructions are also suitable for newcomers. Prerequisite is a minimum age of 18, as well as a commitment to human dignity, freedom and self-determination. You do not need any specialized knowledge to study hermetics in our online system of the Hermetic Academy. You will need a computer, tablet or smartphone as well as Internet access in order to open and read the lessons.

How much time must I invest in my studies? Can I choose the pace of learning and suspend or stop studying?2019-07-29T23:27:58+02:00

You can freely allocate your time for this. The lessons are online and can be studied from anywhere in the world at any time (distance learning, e-learning). You can invest a few minutes or hours per week. It depends solely on you and your interest as well as commitment. You can also pause the course; once the lessons have been unlocked, you can go back and re-read them as often as you want.

How are the courses structured? How long does the training in the Hermetic Academy last?2019-07-29T23:27:17+02:00

The courses provide text-based lessons in a modular curriculum as well as practical exercises that can be incorporated into everyday life. On many topics there are also video lectures (video stream) and audio lectures (mp3). The course material starts with one basic course and seven advanced courses with a total duration of approximately two years (99 lessons). This is followed by eight advanced courses with a total duration of approximately four years (213 lessons). The tools of hermeticism are study, meditation and ritual. Every week, another lesson will be activated. Acquisition of any additional course material such as textbooks is not necessary. In addition to these lessons, there is also an internal library for all students of the Hermetic Academy.

Is there an attendance time when I can communicate with other students? Is there support in case of questions?2019-07-29T23:26:48+02:00

The courses are purely online. Participation in events is optional. Event dates are announced on the event page.

Is there a certificate issued for the studies?2019-07-29T23:24:44+02:00

At the end of each course, a certificate is issued to confirm the completion of the course.

How can I end my studies? How long must I be committed to my studies? Will I get my money back if I decide to end my studies early?2019-07-29T23:24:01+02:00

Studies can be terminated at any time without giving a reason. A written notice on the contact page is sufficient. If an annual fee has been paid, the remainder can be refunded upon request. There is no contractual commitment and no notice period.