Spirituality – the difference between spiritual paths

Spirituality is familiar to most people and is often confused with yoga, but few people know the benefits of authentic Western spirituality. Instead, most people generally confuse Eastern paths with the term 'spirituality'. These often include Buddhism, Hinduism or yoga ashrams, which involve sexual abstinence, vows of poverty, vegetarianism [...]

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The Path of Transformation: A Journey Towards Self-Realization

An old proverb of the Hermetic tradition states „as soon as the student possesses the necessary readiness, their teacher will appear“. There are a multitude of spiritual paths and schools worldwide for this purpose. Every aspirant will resonate with a particular school or path that suits them. The Hermetic [...]

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Hermes Trismegistus – The Divine Messenger

Hermes Trismegistus, the thrice great Hermes, also known as the "Divine Messenger," is considered the father of the wisdom tradition. Originating in Egypt, Hermes Trismegistus is believed to represent the fusion of the Greek god Hermes and the Egyptian god Thoth. Hermes Trismegistus - For approximately 3,000 years, the [...]

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The Quest for Meaning – The Search for the Meaning of Life

The search for meaning, is a topic that fills many books and has been of great importance since the beginning of human history. It is of particular interest today as it extends to all areas of life: work, relationships, family, and spirituality. In the search for meaning, we grapple [...]

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The Tree of Life – The Mystical Symbol of Kabbalah

The Tree of Life is a symbol deeply entrenched in kabbalistic teachings, representing various realities. From mirroring microcosmic and macrocosmic truths to delineating human consciousness and cosmic life, this emblem provides insights into the interplay of inner and outer forces. And in this guide, you'll delve deeper into this [...]

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The Kabbalah – A Journey to Understanding True Reality

In recent years, Kabbalah has become a societal trend, even making appearances in tabloid press. However, far from being a mere popular trend, the true essence of Kabbalah lies beyond the contemporary mindset. So, what exactly is Kabbalah? Dive into this beginner's guide to unravel the mysteries. What is [...]

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Awaken or Suffer! The Positive Aspects of Change

The Great Transformation Humanity is undergoing a significant transformation. The New Age has begun, and changes are happening faster than ever. We can constructively use the associated pressure to grow and unfold our soul potential, or we can surrender to despair and hopelessness. The choice is ours! In this [...]

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The Basics of Physical Well-Being: Hermeticism and the Path to Health and Well-Being

As the old saying goes, “healthy body = healthy mind.” It is evident that physical well-being plays an important role on the spiritual path. However, there are a variety of theories and opinions in this area. These include theories that claim that different rules apply to spiritual people. Is [...]

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Angels and Archangels: Mysterious messengers between humans and God

The angels and archangels play an important role in Western mystical tradition. They serve God and are messengers who mediate between God and humans. But what are angels? And what tasks do they have? These questions will be answered in this article. What are Angels? Angels are not beings [...]

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