Feng Shui, an eastern tradition that is thousands of years old

In a few sentences, we will try to convey the philosophy and approach of Feng Shui. Finally we will explain the difference to the Western spiritual path. Feng Shui (Fengshui) is an ancient Chinese teaching based on the collected knowledge of the elders. The earliest mention of Feng Shui [...]

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In a mystery school, like the Hermetic Academy, it is not about the acquisition of theories as in a university or profane education, but about the connection with the wisdom tradition. A mystery school is like a vessel in which the divine light flows in. Through training in a [...]

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Cherubim – The supernatural powers of Angels

Cherubim are already mentioned in the Bible and are considered to be exalted angelic beings in the service of God. They are also called spirits of harmony. Together with the seraphim and thrones, the cherubim form the uppermost triad of beings in the celestial hierarchy who are closest to [...]

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Religion – The true Background of Religion

Religion encompasses different world views, values and approaches. The basis is always a supernatural power, which is characterized by supernatural and holy forces. Religions share the common characteristic that they strive for something supernatural. Within religions there are different interpretations, some pursue self-discovery and personality development. It is impossible [...]

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Hexagram – The mystical symbol of the hexagram

The hexagram is a six-pointed star, which consists of two interwoven equilateral triangles. It represents the union of the polar forces, the triangle with the apex upwards being assigned to the male pole and the one with the apex downwards to the female pole. Thus this magical symbol represents [...]

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Spiritual Path: Differences between EAST and WEST

Spiritual Path - Few people know the benefits of authentic Western spirituality. Instead, most people generally confuse Eastern ways with the term "spirituality". They often include Buddhism, Hinduism or Yoga ashrams, which involve sexual abstinence, vows of poverty, vegetarianism or veganism and retreating into a community under the care [...]

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SPIRITUAL ONLINE COURSES with PRACTICAL CLASSES Spiritual online courses of the Hermetic Academy do not only focus on theoretical knowledge and the accumulation of hypothetical facts, but also on how the hermetic laws can be implemented in one's life. "Knowledge without application and expression is useless, as it does [...]

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Gematria – Secrets of Numerology

Gematria: Numbers do not only have a mathematical significance, but rather transport certain ideas and meanings. This enables the wise man to communicate complex hidden contents using numbers. Gematria is a sub-discipline of Kabbalah, which is often misunderstood and misused merely as a numerology of divination. Number symbolism (or [...]

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Occultism – The hidden power

The term occultism has its origin in the Latin "occultus" and means "hidden, secret, not public, locked". In social media and online reference works, occultism is often erroneously associated only or predominantly with negative, criminal and dark forces and such practices. However, the occult, as the etymological derivation from [...]

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Reincarnation – The wheel of reincarnation

The term reincarnation derives from the Latin "re-carneus". This represents the cycle of birth, death and rebirth into an earthly body. Reincarnation doctrines are not very familiar to Western spiritual students at first. This is often due to the imprint of religious education in the belief scheme of the [...]

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