Meditation – The positive effects of meditation on consciousness

The term meditation originates from the Latin "meditare", and means "to think, to observe, to consider, to have in mind". It is the conscious withdrawal of a person's mindfulness or attention from the outside to the inside. There are different forms of meditation for making spiritual experiences. Meditation - [...]

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The manipulation by fake news

Fake news are intentionally distributed false reports that are circulated manipulatively. This includes untruths, as well as tendentious or intentionally incomplete published information about political, religious, social or economic etc. propaganda to spread. Fake news includes influencing governments or non-governmental organizations to control political sentiment. Fake news, pretending to [...]

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The mystical doctrine of Antroposophy

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) is considered the founder of anthroposophy, which he called spiritual science. Antroposophy literally comes from the Greek "wisdom of man". Rudolf Steiner pursued the goal of meeting spiritual realities with the same scientific methodology as natural scientists strive to do in their fields. Anthroposophy - Rudolf [...]

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The power of the hermetic symbols

Hermetic symbols can be found in the cult centers of ancient civilizations and cultures such as the Egyptian, Persian and Indian high cultures, but also in the spiritual works of Kabbalists, alchemists and mystics such as Jakob Boehme and Robert Fludd - to name just two representatives. Particularly since [...]

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The universal power of the superconsciousness

The superconsciousness is called the higher self, Christ consciousness or God consciousness. In ceremonial magic the term Holy Guardian Angel is used. The Holy Guardian Angel is above the personality and constantly flows into and through it. Our personality is a product of transformation. The better it is attuned [...]

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self-consciousness – its true power

Human consciousness is divided into three levels, namely self-consciousness, subconsciousness and superconsciousness. The term self-consciousness is mainly used in psychology and related disciplines. It refers to the self consciousness of the individual or even the collective group consciousness. Self-consciousness - The philosopher Immanuel Kant explained that self-consciousness results from [...]

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The hidden power of subconsciousness

The term "subconsciousness" is understood in psychology as the soul-spiritual processes below the threshold of consciousness. Psychoanalysis describes the area of the human psyche as the unconscious, which is not accessible to the conscious mind. The subconscious controls many emotional reactions, since our behaviour patterns are stored there. All [...]

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Christmas – The esoteric meaning

Today's Christmas celebration has very little to do with what is understood by Christmas in the mystical tradition of Gnosis. Nevertheless, there are still numerous symbols in the Christmas story which, on closer inspection, can point to those esoteric meanings and reveal us an archetypal pattern (primal pattern) of [...]

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