Exploring Mystical-Kabbalistic Wisdom from the Martinist Order

The “Glory of Wisdom” is a short but profoundly insightful treatise on the fall, the misery, the restoration, and the high destiny of humankind from the archives of the Martinist Order. The Martinist Order traces its origins back to mystics and occultists such as Don Martinez de Pasqually (1727-1774), Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin (1743-1803), and Jean-Baptiste Willermoz (1730-1824).

Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin is the namesake of the initiatory movement of “Martinism,” which emerged in 18th-century France and rapidly grew into an international phenomenon. In “The Glory of Wisdom,” Saint-Martin, the author of numerous theosophical and philosophical works like “The Ministry of the Spirit-Man” and “On the Spirit and Essence of Things,” delves into mystical-Kabbalistic questions about the origin of humanity and the true reason for their incarnation on Earth.


In this short treatise, spanning just over 1,500 words, Saint-Martin, who also goes by the name “Unknown Philosopher,” sheds light on the darkness of some painful and burning questions, including:

  • The Causes of Human Misery
  • Law and Commandment
  • Human Free Will
  • The Distortion of Truth Resulting from the Fall from Paradise
  • The Creation of the Physical Universe
  • And More.

You can listen to an audio recording of this inspiring treatise on the essential questions of human existence here:

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