Self-knowledge plays a pivotal role in understanding oneself and connecting with the world. Throughout history, its significance has been highlighted and revered. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover its mysteries.

The Ancient Call to Recognize Ourselves

At the entrance of the Apollo Temple in Delphi, Greece, there is an inscription: GNOTHI SEAUTON. It translates to, “Know thyself!” Often, this statement is extended with: “Then you will know God!” Along with MEDEN AGAN (Nothing in excess!) and EI (You are), this injunction represents one of the three Apollonian wisdoms of the Mysteries engraved on the walls of the ancient sanctuary.


Who We Truly Are

It’s imperative to differentiate between our false selves and our true selves. Most esoteric paths, both ancient and modern, deal with the Lower Self, overlooking the true essence of the so-called Higher Self. The physical, astral, mental, and emotional bodies form our Lower Self. Even though these bodies are fully present, humans are only familiar with a minuscule aspect of them.

Any disharmony in one body profoundly impacts all other bodies. For instance, emotional discomfort can impede mental capabilities, leading to confusing thoughts. These thoughts translate into images and form blueprints in the astral realm for the physical body. The physical body then manifests this discomfort through symptoms of illness.

These bodies that constitute the Lower Self or our personality are mortal. Upon physical death, our focus shifts to the next inner realm, known as the Astral realm. These subtle bodies explored in esoteric ways belong to the realm of the Lower Self, which, in essence, deals with the mortal domain.
However, humans possess various bodies and souls, even if they lack the knowledge and awareness of these.

Connecting to the Higher Self

The Higher Self is immortal and, in magical terms, is referred to as the Holy Guardian Angel. This entity surpasses our personality and is beyond personal comprehension. Most therapeutic and psychological methods confuse this Higher Self with elements of the personality. But that’s akin to mistaking a single tree leaf for an entire forest.

The task for humans is to refine these lower personality traits so that the Higher Self can reveal itself. A primary goal is to balance the elements and pave the way for the descent of the spirit.

All authentic magical paths lead to this union of the Above and the Below. The lower aspects are purified and redeemed from darkness. The connection to the Higher Self is initiated from above, achieved solely through higher grace.

Only through initiation rites can gradual connections be formed, as the soul unites with the spirit. This union in alchemy is termed the Alchemical Marriage. In this process, the impurities of personality are transformed into the gold of union with the Higher Self, leading to the inevitable demise of the ego. This ego death is a byproduct of encountering the true self.

Wisdom as the Offspring of Self-Knowledge

Just as there’s one path, there’s a singular science that dispels all doubts. Doubt stems from a lack of self-knowledge. This superior science teaches us to humbly receive wisdom. This wisdom can answer every question. It seeks those worthy of it and unveils itself in its full splendor.

Thus, the wise prioritize wisdom because the yearning for wisdom arises from love, promising immortality and drawing spiritual aspirants closer to God. Wisdom is the child of self-knowledge.

Self-knowledge is a step-by-step process that may span one or several incarnations. However, we can expedite this process by consciously embarking on the path of return. Ultimately, the maturity of every soul is what matters.

Embark on the Journey of Timeless Wisdom

If you seek to recognize your true self and wish to delve deeper into the timeless wisdom of the Mysteries, you can commence your studies at the Hermetic Academy. This contemporary Mystery school offers a unique online teaching system that imparts Hermetic teachings of recognizing and realizing one’s true self. This authentic path can liberate you from illusion and gradually lead you to union with the Higher Self, provided you’re ready.

In essence, self-knowledge is not merely a quest but a foundation for a profound spiritual life. As we journey through this path, we gather pearls of wisdom that illuminate our true essence.