Hermetic Astrology – in the Hermetic esoteric teachings, the seven ancient planets, known in exoteric science, merely describe seven celestial bodies observed in the night sky, moving on defined orbits, as if mechanically, in the material Galilean universe.

In esoteric teachings, however, the seven ancient planets, which include the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn, have a much deeper meaning.

These seven ancient planets are both outer (macrocosmic) and inner (microcosmic) energy centers and are often referred to as the seven sacred inner stars of humanity. They correspond in some ways to the seven inner energy centers or chakras in Eastern wisdom traditions. These planets are central to Hermetic astrology.

These seven ancient planets are intimately connected to human beings as they represent inner power centers. These seven forces work in and through the individual. The true workings of the planetary forces are a great mystery.

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Each planet exerts specific influences according to its unique vibrations and nature. In esoteric astrology, each of these seven ancient planets expresses itself in individuals through specific qualities and energetic signatures.

For example, the Sun corresponds to the individual and represents one’s sense of individuality, the radiant inner self. It symbolizes life force, vitality, and the power of the self.

The Lunar center, referred to as the inner “moon,” represents our unconscious habitual patterns and responses, including the automatic subconscious programs that control functions such as breathing and the beating of our heart. The Moon also relates to our instinctual nature, basic needs, and survival instincts. It is also connected to the maternal qualities of women, the subconscious, memory, and lessons from past lives (karma).

Our inner Mars represents the planet of physical action, which governs all the body’s drives and willpower. Mars represents the principles of physical energy and strength, as well as willpower. It embodies the initiative for action. In addition to sexuality, it also represents activities related to drive, self-defense, self-assertion, aggression and anger.

The inner Mercury represents the conscious mind – logical and rational. It reveals how we communicate, think, process information, solve problems.

It also represents the archetype of the Messenger, who serves as an intermediary between the mental and material realms. Thus, Mercury highlights our mental and intellectual activities and illustrates our self-awareness.

Jupiter is the ancient planet of cosmic laws and their effects on the human personality. It represents cosmic memory, associated with the Akashic Records. This is opposed to the Moon’s association with individual memory.
Jupiter is also expansive and associated with positivity. Wealth, prosperity, optimism, faith in life, growth, success, opportunity, benevolence, religion, intuition, and the majestic quality of grace, are attributed to Jupiter.

The ancient planet Venus embodies our emotions and desires. This inner planet is also associated with the creative imagination. Venus is often referred to as the planet of love and is the archetype of the love gods.
Venus is expressed in romance, relationship patterns, personal love, and influences how we attract intimacy. It rules how we define beauty, express what we like, and how we show taste.

Self-acceptance, self-worth and self-love are other typical Venus qualities.

Finally, Saturn is the planet of condensation and focus. Saturn’s energy limits, restricts, and concentrates – in short, Saturn disciplines.

It is associated with the outer form of things, giving solidity to forms. Saturn represents the principles of form, definition and concretion. Saturn is often associated with hard work, effort, responsibility, rules, and stability.

It also carries connotations of suffering, worry, and karma, which have mistakenly given it a reputation as a bringer of misfortune.

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