An incarnation is seen as the embodiment of the immaterial soul in a physical body. There are different stages of an incarnation, and thus man progresses stage by stage to experience evolution.

The true human being is more than the material body. This body is like a vehicle, a vessel in which the true driver (the Higher Self ? ) presides and directs.

Incarnation – When an aspect of God comes into a material body, it is called an “incarnation. The soul enters a physical body to gain experience.

The immortal soul of man dresses in the garment of the physical body in order to undergo experiences on the material plane to serve the evolution (growth) of the soul.

Every human being is on a path of soul correction. This soul correction, known in Hermetic Kabbalah as “tikkun,” and is based on all our present and past actions (karma).


From the perspective of Hermeticism, with each life we create the conditions for our next. The teachings of Hermetic Kabbalah, as taught in the courses of the Hermetic Academy, provides a practical path to higher levels of self-knowledge.

Once a person demonstrates the inner maturity to attain higher knowledge and is willing to “take up his cross” as proclaimed by Jesus Christ – a high initiate of the Mysteries – he will be led to the gates of a true Mystery School such as the Hermetic Academy.

The essence of man is immortal, but this essence is NOT the physical body (This is often confused by humanity today}.

Human beings have a physical body that is adapted to the earthly world. This physical body allows man to live on this planet in the physical world. The body is created to experience life in a particular environment and to perceive a particular aspect of reality through the senses.

Human beings have the ability to evolve and create new forms from what exists.

Even through mainstream science we can observe the technological achievements that humanity has achieved.

Some of these allow humans to exceed some of the natural limits of their bodies. This includes such feats as exposing themselves to higher temperatures with a fireproof suit, staying underwater for extended periods of time with oxygen tanks, or even walking in space with a space suit.

These are minor accomplishments compared to what the inner worlds of Creation can reveal to the perceptive and discerning human.