The imagination is a unique and powerful source for materializing goals… However, simply wishing for something from the universe is not enough!

The skillful and conscious use of the imagination is one of the great disciplines of the Western Mysteries.

The word “imagination” comes from the Latin “imago,” meaning “image“. Imagination refers to the visualization of events and situations. A synonym is fantasy, or the power of visualization.

Inner images, fantasies and concepts unfold in our subconscious.

If they are strong enough, they manifest in the outside world, that is, we see them in our daily circumstances.


Images that recur in our minds that are developed, or memories of images deeply embedded in our souls, are perceived by our mind’s eye and influence manifestation.

If the impetus is strong enough, our actions bring that image into reality.

The Magician focuses the limitless power into a single point through attention and concentration. Through concentration, he creates the circumstances experienced in his life.

Magic and willpower are closely related.

This is a way of looking at it: a T.V is a receiver of frequencies. Depending on which frequency this T.V is tuned to, it will receive that specific channel, and no other…Man is analogous to the T.V.

A person can only experience something within the frequency he is attuned to- everything else remains hidden.

The frequencies of all aspects of life, from enlightenment, prosperity, freedom, healing to ignorance, poverty and enslavement are always ever present. Only when the person is attuned to them are they experienced.

The Magician consciously chooses that which he desires to experience.

Through his will, clear mental visualizations charged with strong emotions, and his positive actions, the experience of this frequency is then brought into manifestation.

This is how goals are realized.

The initial courses at the Hermetic Academy teach how to use the power of the imagination constructively to achieve goals.

The Creation story of the Bible says… „the Creator Gods created man in their own image“. This means that humans have the same creative power as the Creator Gods.

The principle of attention is the key to magic. It is the Royal Art of the Magician.

Whatever man directs his attention to is filled with creative power and manifests on the canvas of life.

If man directs his attention only to scarcity, he increases scarcity.

However, as soon as man focuses his attention on the abundance of life, abundance becomes an experiential reality.

Our life is the result of what we focus on.

We have the opportunity at every moment to shift our attention to what we desire, rather than what we don’t want.

Life is the classroom in which the sincere individual approaches the Mysteries, daily.