Enlightenment is a state of consciousness that has been experienced by relatively few individuals since the beginning of humanity… however it is possible to have this experience, even today.

Contrary to the trend in popular esotericism, the Mystery Tradition (Hermeticism), understands enlightenment differently. Whilst there are different levels of enlightenment, to the Hermeticist, it means: a perfect state of adeptness.

Enlightenment is derived from the Latin word “illuminatio” for “illumination“. It refers to a spiritual experience in which a person transcends ordinary everyday consciousness and experiences higher knowledge or insight.


It is often accompanied by a profound change in personality. There are different interpretations of what enlightenment ultimately means.

Some consider enlightenment to be a higher state of consciousness that occurs spontaneously during meditation. Others consider it to be a continuous mental exercise that leads to a higher state of consciousness through individual effort.

To the Hermeticists, enlightenment is understood to be an act of divine grace.

Correcting the aspects of one’s personality is an essential requirement for achieving spiritual enlightenment. Those who wish to master their circumstances must first master themselves.

The ethical preparation and purification of the personality are fundamental to spiritual transformation.

For millennia, the human mind has been drawn to the destructive and self-centered side because of the strong hold of selfishness and self-interest.

Great teachers such as Buddha, Moses, Jesus, and Krishna brought spiritual light to humanity and pointed out the path to salvation and enlightenment.

Their teachings emphasized the importance of selfless action and purity of motive. Through personal liberation, the individual could serve the whole.

Despite these Great Masters‘ compelling teachings and demonstrations of this timeless wisdom, humanity has continued to lean toward selfishness and self-interest, thousands of years later.

Those who truly seek enlightenment cannot help but abandon their selfish tendencies and surrender completely to life.

This requires purification of all aspects of the personality.

When a person is attuned to the Divine, a new consciousness awakens within him. The birth of light can take place, and the adept awakens from the „tombs of delusion“.

In the Western Mystery tradition, the adept has realized enlightenment in their daily consciousness.

This adept has thrown off the shackles of personality and is truly liberated. He is united with the „Christ Principle“ and becomes the Messiah or Savior.

The adept has a wholesome view of himself and the world. He is a true Christ, Osiris, Buddha or Krishna because he consciously expresses this principle.

The great sages agree that life is more than just intellectual understanding… it is also about developing the ability to love unconditionally, boundlessly and consciously.

The instructions of the Hermetic Academy provide practical keys to achieving enlightenment.