Delving into the wisdom of Advanced Hermetic Studies: An Introduction to the Hermetic Academy’s Comprehensive Courses and Insights from Dr. Elias Rubenstein

The Hermetic Academy offers an array of courses focusing on personal and spiritual development through the exploration of ancient wisdom and its contemporary applications. Each course is designed to offer insights into different aspects of personal growth and esoteric knowledge. The Hermetic Academy, founded by Dr. Elias Rubenstein, offers a range of advanced courses for those who wish to delve deeper into the realms of esoteric knowledge and personal development.

These courses, along with selected video and audio materials from Dr. Rubenstein, provide an enriched learning experience for students. Below is an overview of the advanced courses and the content offered by Dr. Rubenstein. Scholarship applications are not available for our courses. Our curriculum is sequentially structured for a comprehensive understanding, with each course building on the previous. For additional flexibility, special courses are accessible directly in the members’ area for enrolled students

Basic Hermetic Course: The Miracle of Hermeticism

This foundational course introduces the basic principles of Hermeticism. It explores the historical background and the key philosophical concepts that underpin this ancient wisdom tradition.

Wisdom Esoteric

Continuation Hermetic Courses

These courses delve deeper into various aspects of Hermetic wisdom, each focusing on a different theme:

  1. Universal Wealth: This course explores balancing spiritual and material prosperity from a Hermetic perspective. (14 lessons, 3.5 months)
  2. Universal Health: Focuses on a holistic health approach, intertwining physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. (12 lessons, 3 months)
  3. Universal Spiritual Development: Offers insights into various spiritual practices for deeper self-discovery and understanding. (12 lessons, 3 months)
  4. Universal Education: Emphasizes the role of education in personal and intellectual growth. (12 lessons, 3 months)
  5. Universal Religious Freedom: Delves into understanding and respecting diverse spiritual expressions. (12 lessons, 3 months)
  6. Universal Political Freedom: Discusses the intersection of spirituality and political engagement. (12 lessons, 3 months)
  7. Universal Peace: Dedicated to achieving inner peace and understanding its global impact. (12 lessons, 3 months)

Each course is structured to provide a comprehensive understanding of the topic, blending theoretical knowledge with practical applications. The content includes lectures, interactive materials, and exercises that encourage personal reflection and application of the learned principles in daily life.

Advanced Courses at the Hermetic Academy

The Hermetic Academy offers advanced courses for those who have completed eight foundational courses, delving deeper into the rich treasures of Hermetic tradition. These advanced courses include:

  1. Mighty Symbols of Hermeticism (50 lessons, 12.5 months)
  2. Master Keys of the Kabbalah (48 lessons, 12 months)
  3. Hermetic Astrology (68 lessons, 17 months)
  4. Alchemy – Transmutation of Lead to Gold (14 lessons, 3.5 months)
  5. Martinism – the Journey of the Heart (6 lessons, 1.5 months)
  6. The Mystery of the Rosicrucians (12 lessons, 3 months)
  7. Hermetic Words of Power (7 lessons, 3.5 months)
  8. Transformation of the Creative Power (7 lessons, 3.5 months)
  9. Awakening the Serpent Power (9 lessons, 2.25 months)
  10. Super-Mastering of Five Elements (6 lessons, 1.5 months)
  11. Build your Higher Vehicle with Kabbalistic Mantras (10 lessons, 2.5 months)
  12. Mighty Symbols of Kabbalah (30 lessons, 7.5 months)

Advanced students at the Hermetic Academy have the opportunity to participate in online live meditation events. These sessions feature powerful techniques drawn from various esoteric disciplines including Hermeticism, Kabbalah, and the use of color, sound, and words of power. These events are designed to enhance the learning experience by providing practical, experiential knowledge of the topics covered in the advanced courses.

Alongside our comprehensive online offerings, the Hermetic Academy’s regional groups sometimes organize local events. However, most of our events are conveniently held online, allowing members worldwide to participate without the need for travel, ensuring ease of access and minimizing expenses

Selected Video and Audio Content by Dr. Elias Rubenstein

Dr. Elias Rubenstein, the founder of the Hermetic Academy, offers a wealth of knowledge through his video and audio content:

  • Video Lectures: These lectures cover a wide range of topics, from the basics of Hermetic principles to complex discussions on spirituality, philosophy, and the application of ancient wisdom in modern life.
  • Audio Materials: The audio content includes guided meditations, in-depth discussions, and teachings that students can listen to at their convenience. These materials are designed to complement the learning experience and provide additional insights into the courses’ topics.
  • Interactive Learning: Dr. Rubenstein’s content often involves interactive elements, encouraging students to engage actively with the material and apply the teachings in their personal lives.

Educational Approach and Philosophy

The advanced courses and materials provided by Dr. Rubenstein are based on the philosophy that ancient wisdom can be applied to modern life in a meaningful way. The Academy emphasizes the importance of personal growth, spiritual development, and the understanding of universal principles that govern our lives. The Hermetic Academy, true to its nature as a mystery school, offers a path of initiation for our advanced and well-prepared students, serving as a powerful tool for personal development.

Accessibility and Membership

  • Membership Requirements: These advanced courses are likely designed for students who have completed the basic courses or have a foundational understanding of Hermetic principles.
  • Subscription Details: Members of the Hermetic Academy can access these advanced courses and materials as part of their monthly subscription.

The Hermetic Academy, through its advanced courses and the teachings of Dr. Elias Rubenstein, offers a unique educational experience for those interested in deepening their understanding of Hermeticism and its application in contemporary life.

Other Learning Features and Benefits

  • Weekly Lessons: The courses are structured with weekly lessons, allowing for gradual and in-depth exploration of each topic.
  • Monthly Live Online Retreats: These sessions offer live interaction with instructors and fellow learners, enhancing the learning experience.
  • 24/7 Accessibility: The course material is accessible at any time, providing flexibility for learners to study at their own pace.

Membership, Fee and Accessibility

  • Subscription Pricing for Hermetic Academy courses: You can find details about the monthly subscription fee on our sign-up page
  • Trial Offer: A 14-day free trial period is available for new members.
  • Flexible Learning Schedule: Members can pause or resume their studies as needed.

Cancellation and Support

  • Easy Cancellation: Members can cancel their subscription at any time through the member area.
  • Customer Support: The Academy provides support for any queries and assistance.

The Hermetic Academy’s courses are designed for individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of esoteric knowledge and personal growth. The blend of ancient wisdom with practical modern insights offers a unique educational experience. For more information and detailed course descriptions, visit the Hermetic Academy courses website.