The hexagram is a six-pointed star made up of two intertwined equilateral triangles. It represents the union of the polar forces, with the triangle pointing up representing the masculine pole and the triangle pointing down representing the feminine pole. It is therefore a magical symbol of the union of above and below, spirit and matter, the visible and invisible worlds.

The hexagram is an important symbol in alchemy. The triangle with the point up represents fire and the triangle with the point down represents water. The points and the centre of the hexagram also correspond to the 7 alchemical metals, namely lead, tin, copper, silver, mercury, iron and gold.

In astrology, the points and the centre of the hexagram symbolize the seven ancient planets: Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, the Moon, Mercury, Mars and the Sun.


A symbol of the Macrocosm

The hexagram is therefore a symbol of the macrocosm and the pentagram a symbol of the microcosm. The triangles of the hexagram symbolize the union of opposites – making it a symbol of the “mediator“.

Every human being has both a masculine and feminine aspect. The masculine aspect is associated with self-awareness, the sun, the active and the projective, while the feminine aspect is associated with the subconscious, the moon, the passive and the accepting. Watch the video to learn more about rituals, symbols and meditation.

The hexagram is also a Gnostic symbol and represents the divine man, Adam.

From ancient cosmology to modern spirituality, the hexagram has danced through time and tradition as a symbol of profound mystery and deep wisdom. Imagine a journey across cultures and epochs, where this six-pointed star whispers different secrets to each seeker.

In the Halls of Hindu and Buddhist Mysticism

Visualize the vibrant scenes of Hindu and Buddhist lore, where the hexagram glimmers as a beacon of cosmic balance. Here, it’s a sacred mandala, capturing the eternal dance of Shiva and Shakti, the cosmic lovers. Their union in the hexagram mirrors the universe’s heartbeat, a rhythm of creation and dissolution, a tale of divine love crafting the fabric of existence.

Alchemy’s Secret Emblem

Step into the shadowy realms of medieval alchemy, where the hexagram flickers in the candle-lit laboratories of mystic alchemists. It’s not just a symbol here but a coded map, guiding the transformation of leaden human souls into spiritual gold. Each point a stage in the alchemist’s journey, a path leading from earthly to divine, mirroring the mystical transmutations of nature.

A Star in the Tapestry of Kabbalah

In the mystical Kabbalistic tradition, the hexagram emerges as a complex symbol of interlocking worlds and energies. Each triangle, a bridge between the divine and the mortal, the earth and the heavens. It’s a symbol of protection, a seal of wisdom, a reminder of the ineffable name of God woven into the fabric of the universe.

Modern Echoes: New Age and Sacred Geometry

Fast forward to the present, the hexagram resonates with the harmonious frequencies of New Age spirituality. It’s a tool for meditation, a blueprint for personal and cosmic harmony, reflecting the ancient yet ever-new patterns of sacred geometry. It’s a symbol that calls for inner balance, echoing the universe’s fundamental symmetries in its simple, elegant lines.

God created Eve from his side because Adam should not be alone and should be able to enjoy the pleasures of life and love. Adam and Eve are therefore inseparable and the two poles were created so that love could be experienced on a human level.

In the lessons of the Hermetic Academy it is taught, among other things, that one of the tasks of man is to learn to love.

The easiest place to learn this is in the family and in relationships. Only those who open themselves to love can experience love. Through suffering, selfish tendencies are tempered and people learn to express compassion and love. The magical hexagram thus represents the Great Work of Alchemy, the chymical marriage.

Symbol for the Ages

The hexagram, thus, is not merely a symbol but a living, breathing narrative, rich with meanings, whispered in the language of myths and legends, echoed in the corridors of temples and laboratories. It invites us on a journey through time and space, to explore the depths of our own souls and the mysteries of the universe.