Cherubim in the plural, are already mentioned in the Bible and are considered to be highly exalted angelic beings in the service of God.

They are also known as the Spirits of Harmony.

Together with the seraphim and the thrones, the cherubim form the highest triad of beings in the heavenly hierarchy, those closest to and around God and who have direct vision of God.

The cherubim directly execute the will of God. Their nature is of the highest purity. The name “cherubim” (kerubim) is the plural of “cherub” (kerub) and comes from the Hebrew.
The meaning is “fullness of knowledge”. From the perspective of the Kabbalah, therefore, their name already reveals the ability to receive the fullness of God’s knowledge and the gift of communicating this supernatural wisdom.


According to the anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner, the wisdom exuded by the Cherubim can only be guessed at by contemplating the wisdom of outstanding people who have spent many years of their lives acquiring wisdom and, in whose language, this supra-personal wisdom can be felt.

The wisdom that the Cherubim receive from God is passed on to the subsequent hierarchies. From the perspective of Hermeticism, they are significantly involved in the development of the world in their domain, including the development of planetary systems.
However, the sphere of influence of the Cherubim extends far beyond our solar system. The Cherubim are also considered to be the zodiacal beings and creators of the realm of eternity.

There are numerous mentions of the cherubim in the Bible. For example, they are mentioned in Genesis as the guardians of the Tree of Life and at the expulsion from Paradise.
There are also references in the Psalms or in Ezekiel’s prophetic vision of the chariot of the throne. Several biblical passages refer to God as the one who is enthroned above the cherubim.
Thus, the cherubim are depicted in divine apparitions as the bearers of God. For more information on the mysticism of the Kabbalah, see Dr Elias Rubenstein‘s video on the Hermetic Kabbalah.

The figure of the Cherubim is described in the vision of Ezekiel as a four-winged creature with four faces. These are the mystical Lion, the Bull, the Eagle and the Man. Their bodies are equipped with human hands and bull feet and are covered with eyes. Cherubim can move in all four directions without turning, depending on where the spirit takes them.

In astrology, these four beings correspond to the four cardinal points, the four elements or the four cardinal directions.
In the Gnostic tradition, they correspond to the four evangelists of the New Testament of the Bible.
Courses in Gnosticism, Hermeticism and Kabbalah at the Hermetic Academy give practical instructions on how people can make contact with the higher/divine forces of creation.