For millennia, philosophers have been pondering the question: “What is the soul of a human being?” It seems the question cannot be satisfactorily answered in this way.
The wisdom of Kabbalah, on the other hand, knows the answer. In this article, you will learn more about the soul of a human being from a Kabbalistic perspective.

The Components of a Human Being

To describe the soul of a human being as an individual entity that incarnates into the physical body of a human being to gain experiences would certainly be too simplistic. A more comprehensive picture of the components of a human being can be obtained by examining the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.
Here, there are not only one but ten main components. These correspond to the ten main energy fields and are also called Sephiroth (spheres). In addition, there are 22 connecting paths that correspond to further consciousness components of human beings. The Tree of Life is thus an image of a human being. Here, the individual stages of refinement from MALKUTH (Kingdom) to KETHER (Crown) can be traced.


The Soul and Animus

The soul of a human being is simultaneously the animal soul that can also be equated with the subconscious or treasure house of images. Through this ANIMA MUNDI (world soul), everything is connected on the subconscious level.

The Sephiroth in the Tree of Life

Other components besides the physical body MALKUTH (Kingdom; alchemical earth) and the subconscious YOD (Foundation; alchemical air) are intellect HOD (Splendor; alchemical water) and feelings NETZACH (Victory; alchemical fire).

When these components have been purified and balanced through continuous work, the Holy Spirit of God (RUACH ELOHIM) can incarnate.
This happens in Sephirah TIPHARETH (Beauty). This allows Christ consciousness (Messiah) to unfold.

The Spheres GEBURAH and CHESED

In the next sphere GEBURAH (Power), the component of a human being is elevated to reverence for God. The omnipresent justice is recognized as well as the impersonal will. In the sphere of CHESED (Grace), a human being learns to develop goodwill for all creation without exception. Goodwill can also be equated with deep compassion.

The Sphere BINAH

In BINAH (Understanding), God’s breath or spirit takes on the form of divine intuition (Neschamah). Here is also where Spiritus Sanctus resides, bringing blessings from heaven in the form of a dove. Neschamah is the divine aspect and higher soul of a human being. It served as an image of ADAM to reflect and create the heavenly human being.

The Sphere CHOKMAH

In CHOKMAH (Wisdom), there is the area of influence of the zodiac (MAZLOTH), which affects every part of a human being from head to toe. Here is also where life force is anchored, which makes everything alive. Without this component, nothing could truly live.

The Sphere KETHER

In KETHER (Crown), there is the Highest Self that is one. God’s Highest Self is called JECHIDAH, which is the origin of goodwill.

The purpose then is to go through developmental stages and evolve as a human being and image of GOD up to the highest crown of wisdom.
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