As the old saying goes, “healthy body = healthy mind.” It is evident that physical well-being plays an important role on the spiritual path.
However, there are a variety of theories and opinions in this area. These include theories that claim that different rules apply to spiritual people. Is this true?
You will find the answer to this question and an essential overview of the basics of physical well-being in this article.

Physical Well-Being and Spirituality

All too often, we are confronted with erroneous theories about “light nutrition” and the like. The fact is, that our physical existence is associated with certain laws. For example, if we deprive ourselves of vital nutrients or stop taking fluids, we will inevitably feel the consequences and perish.
Our body has certain basic needs, and we should not simply ignore them. After all, our body has been entrusted to us so that we can experience this physical world. Through it, we express ourselves and realize our potential. We should therefore treat it well and take care of it.
Similarly, if we suffer from a life-threatening illness, we should seek out experts and not rely solely on spirituality and miracle cures.

Physical Well-Being

The Right Nutrition

Our modern foods are full of unhealthy fats, empty carbohydrates, and sugar.
At the same time, there is an increasing lack of important micronutrients. This deficiency leads to overweight and illness. When overweight, it is not very useful to simply do some sports. Rather, the daily intake of kilocalories (kcal) must also be reduced to a healthy level accordingly.

We are responsible for what and how much we consume. It is in our own hands.

A deficiency of important micronutrients not only leads to illness but also makes us depressed, sluggish, and lethargic. It simply lacks life energy and vitality.

Since our daily foods do not sufficiently cover this basic need, we can resort to high-quality dietary supplements to compensate for the deficiency.
The basics are manageable: Vitamin C is very important because our body cannot produce this vitamin itself. We also need Vitamin D and K, zinc, selenium, and magnesium.

Further deficiencies can be found out through a blood test at the doctor’s office. If malnutrition has been going on for many years, a high-quality and concentrated multivitamin preparation may be useful initially.

For Vitamin C, we should use an acid-free variant. Because what is also very important and deserves our attention is the often completely ignored acidification of the body. Most of the daily consumed foods are acidic, while basic foods are often too short.

Therefore, many people suffer from acidification, which leads to inflammation and other physical symptoms. It also has a significant impact on our mood. The effects are almost obvious: Can you guess? Answer: An over-acidified body makes us sour. The acidity level can be determined by a simple urine test.

There are different types of diets, and what is good for one person may be bad for another. However, what is good for you is good for you. If you want to know exactly what your diet type is, you can have it determined by a blood test at the doctor’s office.

Sufficient water intake and exercise are also essential for our physical and mental well-being.

We take in toxins through our food every day. To ensure that these toxins can be excreted and do not accumulate in our bodies, we need an adequate amount of water. This is essential for our physical and mental well-being.
By water, we mean not sweet lemonade or alcoholic beverages, but really pure water. The purer the water is, the better. Our daily requirement is at least two to three litres depending on body type, daily exercise, etc.

In addition, our body is in a constant process of change and renewal. New cells are continuously formed while old cells die off. Adequate water is also essential for the excretion of these breakdown products to avoid liver or kidney damage. Everything changes, nothing stands still.
Although the cells in the body are constantly renewing themselves, many people still look exactly the same after half a year or even two years as before.

That’s correct. Our self-image changes very slowly and insignificantly. Consequently, our appearance also changes very little.
However, we decide for ourselves whether we want to change or not. If we decide to change and want to throw our old self-image overboard, it is all the more important to drink enough water to excrete the old cells. Especially on the spiritual path, we experience even faster changes, where more old cells are excreted.

But we still age. This is related to stagnation and entrenched behaviors on a mental level. As soon as we rest in our comfort zone and close ourselves off from the exciting experience of novelty and design, we become rigid and age.

We can certainly be fit and agile until old age. But this requires us to remain flexible and open to new things.

Physical exercise can also help us stay physically and mentally fit and agile. We remain flexible for changes.

In addition, exercise contributes to our well-being and health. It is not necessary to become a high-performance athlete right away. If you don’t want or can’t do sports, you should at least take 10,000 steps a day. This can also be a nice walk in nature. There is a saying: “If you rest, you rust.”

Wichtig am Tag, wichtig in der Nacht

Other essential building blocks of physical well-being are sunlight during the day and sufficient deep sleep at night.

It is widely known that sunlight contributes to our well-being. This is not surprising either. All life on our earth could only develop through the action of the sun. All life here depends on the sun. We too are an inseparable part of it. We need sufficient light for our health every day.
Spending too much time in dark rooms can make you melancholic and lead to a disturbed sleep rhythm, which has a negative effect on the deep sleep phase 1.

The importance of deep sleep is often underestimated. Deep sleep not only contributes to our well-being but is also healing for our entire being. In this phase of sleep, we process the experiences of the day and find our inner connection. Therefore, healthy sleep is also an important factor on the spiritual path.

Just sleeping does not automatically mean that you also have a deep sleep phase. There are some factors that can prevent healthy sleep. Eating and drinking before going to bed can disturb healthy sleep. Caffeine-containing drinks should be avoided several hours before going to bed.
The sleeping environment is no less important. The bedroom should be dark, quiet, and not too warm. A comfortable mattress and pillows can also be helpful in achieving deep sleep while sleeping.

Also, blue light from laptops and smartphones prevents the formation of the hormone melatonin, which is so important for sleep. Instead of surfing the internet or watching a Netfix series in the evening, reading uplifting literature would be a meaningful activity.
And if you too want to unfold your potential and take an authentic spiritual path, you can make studying at the Hermetic Academy your evening activity.

Universal health is just one of the seven goals of the Hermetic Academy that you too can achieve by studying the lessons and implementing timeless principles in your life.