The Great Transformation

Humanity is undergoing a significant transformation. The New Age has begun, and changes are happening faster than ever. We can constructively use the associated pressure to grow and unfold our soul potential, or we can surrender to despair and hopelessness. The choice is ours! In this article, you’ll learn about the decision between awakening and suffering and how you can learn more about the positive aspects of change.

The Rapid Pace of Change

The great change has gripped the world and has been advancing at a rapid pace for some time. Humanity stands on the threshold of a genuine evolutionary breakthrough. Widespread patterns and misconceptions that used to take an average of two years to transform, by a critical number of people, can now occur collectively within a month… provided the pressure is strong enough.


The Illusion of Security

Over the years, the majority of people have built certain systems and apparent securities by delegating responsibility to external instances. However, these apparent bulwarks now threaten to collapse like a house of cards, leaving a big question mark behind.

The Materialistic Illusions

The health system, party politics, media, religious communities, so-called “science,” schools and universities were founded on materialistic illusions. In their current form, these institutions work against freedom, self-realization, and the unfolding of human potential.
Materialism is the mistaken belief that matter is the only reality. It holds external circumstances such as viruses, terrorists, economic crises, immigration, the “job market,” election results or other illusions are responsible for one’s life experiences.

The Path to Redemption

Neither political puppets nor investigative journalists nor parties nor any other external savior can free people from the labyrinth into which they have strayed. Redemption comes from within.

The Inner Journey

More than ever, each individual faces the task of reflecting on the inner self and learning to recognize the reality behind appearances. Restrictive measures and the web of lies spun by propaganda are life’s clear message to focus on what’s essential and find answers within oneself.

The Gates to Knowledge about Spiritual Laws

Especially in times of great change, the gates of mystery schools remain open to show a path to true freedom, self-knowledge, prosperity, fulfillment, and the meaning of life. Mystery schools have existed at all times and in all cultures: from Egyptian mysteries and Persian Mithras culture to Eleusinian mysteries in Greece and Gnostics to Templars, spiritual Freemasons, and Rosicrucians.
Mystery schools have always guarded knowledge about spiritual laws and human beings’ mission in life. Even when plague, world wars, revolutions or dictatorships dominated the world. Today they still pass on teachings and tools that enable aspirants to master their destiny independently of appearances on life’s stage and fulfill human potential.

The Call to Self-Responsibility

The order of the day is to take responsibility for ourselves. A crucial realization is that we shape our lives with our thoughts, words, feelings, and actions. As taught in Hermeticism, these are the tools of our personality that the Higher Self uses to gain experiences in the material world.

The Mirror of Life

The external appearances of our lives are thus a reflection of our inner world. Therefore, crises and restrictions can only affect us if we also experience crises within ourselves. We are prisoners of our own world of imagination.
Conversely, the step leading to prosperity, freedom, and genuine health must first be taken internally. If we change internally and consciously take control over our personality tools, our world will also change. When people change, they can change everything.

The Courage to Self-Reflection

This requires courage and the willingness to recognize oneself and question outdated patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting.
Question everything and always start with yourself: Who am I? What do I think? What do I feel? What do I experience? And who is it that thinks, feels, and experiences?

The Will to Achieve Goals

It also requires the will to set concrete goals and achieve them. The desired success is most likely to occur when our efforts are based on the foundation of knowledge about spiritual laws.

The Laws of Consciousness

Right from the start, people who deal with Hermeticism learn the laws of consciousness, how they can use them for their success and the fulfillment of their deepest heart’s desires.
The millennia-old tradition of Hermeticism preserves the strongest tools for personality transformation and points out a verifiable and proven path to liberation from bondage and suffering.

The Positive Aspects of Change

Despite media propaganda, censorship, agitation, political threats, and conversations in one’s own environment suggest the opposite, what is happening in humanity now and what will come in the next weeks and months is consistently positive.
All situations that we experience work towards human liberation, goodwill, and self-knowledge. Whether we recognize it or not. Everything we experience serves our soul growth and helps us fulfill the purpose of our lives. However, we must first realize goodwill and self-knowledge within ourselves if we want to correctly understand life’s messages.

Elias Rubenstein, the head of Hermetic World, will hold a publicly accessible webinar on November 3rd, 2021 to illuminate these positive aspects of change based on live questions. For those who change their focus and draw the right conclusions from life’s appearances, a so-called “crisis” can even be the greatest opportunity of their lives.

To do this, it is important not to experience oneself as a victim any longer but to awaken into creator consciousness. Whoever recognizes themselves and awakens from illusion realizes their hidden potential and creates a life of beauty, harmony, and fulfillment. Every person around the world faces the decision either to awaken or suffer through current situations.

We all have the power to free ourselves from the wheel of fate and awaken to the realization of our true being.