PROPAGANDA - Media manipulation

This pandemic is far more dangerous than most people realise because it mysteriously paralyses the areas of the brain responsible for human reason.

Now, one could say that this is not directly related to a virus, but to the propaganda that is flowing like a machine in the background towards many people.

But it is important to make a simple distinction in this area: There are media and there are people who consciously consume these media.

It is well known the media is a propaganda tool, paid for by companies, government and/ or certain interest groups, in order to disseminate this information, i.e. propaganda, to the public. And in this sense, there is not really a public opinion, but a published opinion.

Horror images that have nothing to do with reality.

If you analyze a daily newspaper, you will see that 99% of the content is simply focused on negative views. For example, somewhere in XY there is a car accident in which a person is seriously injured - and then a whole page is devoted to the background.

But that area or that experience or that event is only a small, minimal part of reality. The fact is: millions of other people were driving at the time - millions of people probably didn't die. It is very likely that other people have died as a result, in other countries, perhaps even in our own.

In any case, one thing should be clear: the media can only ever reflect a certain part of our spectrum of experience. And unfortunately, most of the time, they reproduce negative views and exaggerate them as if they affect everyone.

This can also be seen in social media: the simpler, less sophisticated, and perhaps more sensational a post is, the more people like it. This should also give us food for thought, because we ourselves decide to what extent we can be influenced by certain media. We choose what media we consume.

A common excuse is: "Yes, I consume media to keep up to date, to educate myself and to know exactly what is going on".

This argument is relatively weak, compared to what information we get from certain media, it simply doesn't hold water. If someone really wants information in order to educate themselves or perhaps to be up to date with the latest findings in humanity, etc., they can access numerous platforms through which scientific studies can be found.

Journalists with political leanings and their jargon

In addition, every medium has a certain tendency, a certain slant. Even if many journalists deny that they represent certain political values, economic attitudes and so on, this colouring can be found in the different media.

If you are inclined to consume media, it is more objective to listen to the other side as well. This means: If I read about the economy from- to use this term - 'left-leaning' media, then I should also consume 'right-leaning' magazines articles about the economy as well.

This ensures I get a balanced view from both sides to form my own impression of what is the right way for me.

Of course, both are far from the truth or reality. Both are simply views of certain events or occurrences - both still have nothing to do with reality or realities.

Most magazines are also written in very simple language so that children can understand them.

They are like junk food for the mind. Just as junk food is unhealthy for the body, this mental junk food, which is very weak and inferior, is obviously unhealthy for the mental state of the human being.

Not only are facts and information presented in a very manipulative way, and articles are deliberately or intentionally formulated to create a certain public opinion, but they also create deep emotions in people.

The dangerous game of emotions

It is a game of emotions. It is like deciding to watch a horror film in the evening and then having a fear attack in the dark. But then all you can say is: It's my own fault! It was my choice to watch that film - so we have to deal with the consequences ourselves. We cannot blame the horror film. It's the same with media: if we consciously choose to consume a certain media, then we have to pay the price. It can be scaremongering, it can be a totally distorted reality, and that is what you are seeing around the world right now.

People are in panic and fear. They are reacting completely irrationally, and they are being driven into a fight for survival.

Very negative human characteristics are coming to the surface. If you observe this trend, you can see that it is a gradual plan, a kind of targeted propaganda that deliberately wants to keep fear in people.

When these instinctive emotions take over in the individual, the mind also switches off - the human being acts in survival mode, so that the higher functions and creativity lose their importance or no longer receive their ancestral priority.

Then it is no longer a priority to have certain rights, to live in a constitutional state, in a democracy and so on: Then all that counts is sheer survival - yes, on a certain level almost executive fisticuffs. But it is up to each individual to decide what he or she consumes.

How we can free ourselves and train the mind

Instead, we can choose to read quality literature - We don't have to read "trash" newspapers when we go on public transport, we can consciously choose quality literature every day.

This can be philosophical writings, depending on our interests, but also technical, scientific and similar texts.

Naturally, this kind of reading is much more strenuous for the mind, but it is like sport. In weight training, too, the effort and the heavy weights do something to our bodies. They make us gain strength, endurance and the like. It makes us fitter and healthier. It is the same with the mind: If we use our mind lazily and feed it with any light food, it will become weak and sluggish, just like an untrained body.

Our discrimination, reason and other powers within us will then become weaker day by day.

It is our choice: Do we want to exercise and challenge our minds? Or do we just want to sit back like couch potatoes and consume media that selectively bombards us with fear?

When vets make health recommendations for people

Now, no one should complain if they are filled with fear and panic at this stage.

They have made a conscious decision to consume the very media that are pushing this agenda.

There are now many people who are NOT plagued by fears and who are observing the situation more closely. People who can see themselves in a different way, who can look at the facts from different perspectives, from different sources, from different media, from different scientific directions.

It is “farcical" what is going on in some countries, where, for example, a veterinary surgeon gives medical advice to human beings.
Such paradoxical situations can only happen when we are full of fear. As soon as reason kicks in, the alarm bells must go off - we would ask ourselves what justification there is for someone who is not specialized in human medicine.