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The new age has begun. With or without us - we decide!

The age of awakening. It is the greatest period of change humanity has ever experienced. It is the age in which man's inner strength will decide whether he continues to dream in his colourful bubble or awakens into reality.

Those who fiddle with the material world and do not take the other dimensions into account are not much different from animals. Except for the small over-emphasized mind, there are no significant differences. Unfortunately, man's other tools have atrophied - feelings, intuition - his inner connection to his source.

The material world is the result of spiritual processes. That is why we speak of spiritual laws, which correspond to the laws of nature. For example, thoughts have a direct effect on the body. If we intensively imagine biting into a lemon, the saliva in our mouth increases. This shows the great influence of the spiritual on the material, on our body.

Every change is accompanied by

  • Crises
  • Restrictions
  • Chains of bondage

These affect essential areas of life:

  • Work
  • Partnership
  • finances
  • health
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Education
  • Development

But worries and fears do not help. Worries are only insignificant shadows of the illusion of separation. The ONE Creative Power flows through every human being and takes shape through human consciousness.

It's like streaming a film: if we stream an R-rated zombie horror film, we can't expect a funny PG-rated comedy! Depending on what our receiving device is set to, it will receive exactly that and NOTHING else.

We decide! We are 100% in control of our own lives! No one else is responsible for our failures - only we are! This is the hardest thing for most people to digest! But this statement contains the greatest freedom and power. Even if we are so-called losers in life, no one is forcing us to stay that way!

For this age goes hand in hand with the spiritual unfolding of the human being. Together we form humanity.

NOT by

  • Colour
  • Race
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Sexual preference
  • Occupation
  • Money
  • Level of education
  • Religion
  • etc.

we are different. This is propaganda for small-minded people. The only difference is whether we sleep through life or not. People who know and use their powerful tools or not.

Human evolution does not mean growing new fingers on our hand, an extra eye on the back of our head or looking like science fiction aliens - the next evolution is human spiritual transformation.

No matter what deceptions pseudo-religious leaders, charlatans or political puppets spread - we decide our history - and thus collectively decide the entire history of humanity. By courageously turning our attention to the truth and no longer to deceptive appearances. Truth does not need proof of its existence - only a theory needs justification.

This conversion is

  • free of sad religious delusions
  • free from sinister conspiracy theories,
  • free from the blandishments of ego-madness,
  • free from false promises of salvation
  • free from religious idolatry
  • free of political irritations.

For no true teaching flatters our selfishness.

That is why we decided years ago to make the powerful tools of Hermetics accessible. Our predecessors prepared the way - many centuries have passed - for us to have this opportunity today! Hermeticism enables every human being, regardless of his or her religious beliefs, to verify and experience the Truth on his or her own, through symbols and language that are independent of culture.

Hermeticism is a teaching for the human being who is ready and willing to write his own history instead of letting others write it out of inertia. Inertia is the strongest tool that paralyses man and prevents him from changing.

Hermeticism does not flatter - it admonishes!

  • Hermeticism does not give us imposing titles of Master at weekend seminars that flatter the ego instead of overcoming poisonous selfishness.
  • It does not make pseudo-remote initiations that encourage inertia and promise miraculous powers.
  • It does not make lazy promises of salvation that encourage people to go on living their lives viciously and inertially without changing anything about themselves.
  • It does not treat anyone - because the madness from which humanity suffers cannot be cured by nice talk, tree hugging, coloured crystals or incense sticks.

Many will resist these statements; they want to maintain their old habitual power relations and servitude - but their arguments are self-judging. They are us ugly zombies who have not yet realized that the old age of oppression and inertia has died.

People who are brave enough to overcome inertia and write their own life stories together form the

#Hermetic World

They are a unique movement - ready to wake up from the horror of inertia and powerlessness. This movement does not gather in youthful street demonstrations of vociferous injustice fetishists, but we want to be self-responsible through our actions, a model of the highest values and ideals that lead humanity here on Earth to the dignity for which it is destined in the cosmic plan!

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