Human beings are guided by a so-called “holy guardian angel”, who is also their guiding angel. Our guardian angel knows the entire chain of our earthly incarnations and guides our destiny from a higher or inner level. Our guardian angel guides us through our karmic balance during our incarnation and corrects our vices.

People on the spiritual path experience a more rapid development compared to profane people and are confronted with a variety of major problems. The further he progresses in the transformation of his personality, the greater these problems appear.

At the same time, however, he gains more capacity and more tools to master these problems. This transformation leads in stages to the spiritual disciple dedicating all of life’s circumstances to God’s guidance.

holy guardian angel

In this often painful purification process, the person is freed from false concepts of faith. Over time, the essential areas of a person’s life are balanced through transformation. Finally, he is able to recognize the unity behind all phenomena of life and gains the ability to allow love for all beings to flow freely.

The human being becomes more and more aligned with the conscious and whole image of God. The further man progresses, the more clearly he can express the commandments of God as a living testimony. This ongoing personality transformation is carried out by the holy guardian angel.

The transformation phases can be accompanied by violent reactions and suffering, which represent the strongest impetus for change. In this way, the person gains the willingness to correct their previous behavior patterns in life and to open up to the inner guidance in humility.

The necessary impulses for these changes come from the holy guardian angel.

Similarly, our good deeds do not originate from our personality, but follow an inner impulse from our guardian angel that drives us to do good deeds. The thirst for progress comes from this source, as does the urge to change.

The guidance of the very special angel, the holy guardian angel, can only be consciously perceived by the spiritual disciple during the transition to the higher mysteries, i.e. only when all circumstances of life are dedicated to God’s guidance.

The transition to the higher mysteries is initiated through knowledge of and conversation with the holy guardian angel.

This is also known as contact with the Inner Master. There is only one inner master. This inner master is the ONE master of all humanity.

This master is the guardian angel, savior and liberator of mankind. The most important exercise to contact this inner master is to be still and listen within.