An incarnation is regarded as the embodiment of the immaterial soul into a physical body. There are different stages of incarnation and so man travels step by step to experience evolution. Man is more than just the material body. This body is comparable to a vehicle, a vehicle in which the true driver (soul) rules and drives.

Incarnation – An aspect of God embodied in a material body, this is called “incarnation”. The soul moves into a physical body to gain experience. The physical body is the garment in which the immortal soul of a human being dresses in order to experience this world in order to serve the evolution (growth) of the soul. Every human being is on a path of soul correction. This soul correction is called “Tikkun” in the hermetic Kabbalah. All our present and past actions (karma) form the basis for this soul correction.

From a hermetic perspective we create with each life the conditions for our next life. The teachings of Hermetic Kabbalah, as taught in the courses of the Hermetic Academy, offer a practical way to higher levels of self-knowledge. Once man has the inner maturity to attain higher knowledge and is ready to ” take his cross”, as Jesus Christ – a high initiate of mysteries – already proclaimed, he will be directed to the gates of a true mystery school like the Hermetics Academy.

In its essence man is immortal, but this essence is not the physical body that is wrongly identified today with being man. Man has a physical body adapted to the earthly world. The physical body allows man to live in the physical world on this planet. The body is designed to experience life in a certain environment and to perceive a specific area of reality through its senses.

Man has the capacity to develop that which exists and to create new forms. Even in outer science we can observe the technical achievements humanity has achieved so far. Some of them allow man to go beyond the boundaries of his natural body, for example to be exposed to higher temperatures in a fireproof suit, to remain under water for long periods with oxygen bottles, or even to walk in space in an astronaut suit. All these are only trivialities in relation to what the inner worlds of creation are able to reveal to the intelligent individual.

Incarnation Hermetic