This article is about reincarnation therapy, what it can and cannot achieve. Expressions such as reincarnation, rebirth and transmigration often mean the same thing.

To stay with reincarnation, let’s first take a closer look at the word incarnation. In the dictionary you will find incarnation, coming into the flesh, embodiment, becoming human.

This means that something non-material or spiritual takes on a physical form. The syllable „Re“ indicates that it happens again, i.e. not just once but repeatedly.

This gives meaning to the term „transmigration of the soul“. Our soul uses a body, in order to have certain experiences. When it has finished, it leaves this material form.

It then sorts through these experiences and learns from them in order to recognize which other areas it still lacks in order to become „complete“.
This process is then repeated. To put it simply, the soul wanders from body to body.


Various experiments in psychology and psychotherapy have been carried out in an attempt to find ways of remembering past lives.
In the early days, hypnosis was used, followed later by experiments with full consciousness. Finally, the causes of the many problems of human existence were thought to be found not only in past partnerships and parent/child relationships etc, but could now be traced back to the birth process. Possibly, even to the embryonic phase. The very first cause of certain traumas is now believed to have been found there.

Even that was not enough. People researched supposed past lives in different eras and assumed that they had found the cause of their current living conditions.

This went on and on…those who were receptive to these „therapies“ always found an excuse or a reason for their behavior (or misbehavior).

Basically, it is a very convenient way and a widespread habit in our society to blame others or look for an excuse in the past.

„It’s my parents‘ fault that I wasn’t able to grow up in royal prosperity“.
„My siblings always took everything from me“.
„My teachers didn’t teach me properly“
„There were no more free places at university“.
„My boss bullied me at work“.
And… „I can’t help my violent outburst because someone else provoked me“.

The list goes on and on.

At the Hermetic Academy, we learn about other options for human behavior that focus on personal initiative, personal responsibility, self-determination and aspiration.

Our environment and our fellow human beings are a mirror of aspects of ourselves that we are usually unable or unwilling to consciously recognize.

They are our shadow, from which we ultimately cannot run away. However, we always have the opportunity to live in the „now“ and to decide now how we behave. There can be so many so-called causes. Now, we can step out of our old patterns and start something new and stop playing the victim.

We are all victims and perpetrators in equal measure. This is a very serious realization that „flower children“ with rose-colored glasses rarely want to admit.

Here, too, we see the Hermetic law of balance and karma, that we are both: Good and Evil.