There are the natural sciences – what other laws could there be?
And how does Hermeticism relate to the prevailing science?

Those with questions like these of the Hermetic Academy, should find their answer in this article.
In principle, Hermeticism does not add any laws: it rather offers man access to first recognize, then be able to use them.

Thousands of years ago, initiates had erected impressive buildings such as the pyramids by knowing these laws and demonstrating how to put these principles into practice. Then as now, Hermeticism preserves a universal key to help solve all problems that concern the human being or his environment.


Hermeticism can be understood as the heritage of all humanity, because this teaching refers to eternal principles and less to transient cultural or temporal phenomena.
Hermetists of all ages are still considered the great luminaries of the natural and spiritual sciences. Among them are famous names such as Plato, Aristotle, Marcus Aurelius, Leonardo Da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla etc. For example, several alchemical records were found in Sir Isaac Newton’s works.

Hermeticism can also be understood as a union of spiritual and natural science. The practical application of Hermetic methodology is taught in the Hermetic Academy from the ground up in a sound and practical way. This allows the diligent student to build a stable base of knowledge and work specifically on his life.
This process resembles the endeavor to become a chess player from a chess piece and thus gain mastery over one’s own life circumstances.

The teaching of Hermeticism – then and now

Since time immemorial, the science of Hermeticism has been a true secret doctrine. It was carefully passed on from mouth to ear from teacher to student, to prevent the knowledge of some modes of action of the universal laws from being misused for selfish purposes.
The teaching system of the Hermetic Academy is structured in stages, to properly prepare the learner for the use of the tools, so that he can apply them correctly and for the benefit of all.
The practical application allows the student to gain insight into the hidden mechanisms behind his life experiences and to establish a connection between his own microcosm and the macrocosm, the great whole.

Hermeticism is in harmony with the individual sciences, as it wants to make visible the connectedness of all circumstances. The Hermetic teaching is also a living teaching. It is passed on in the still continued traditions of genuine mystery schools such as the Hermetic Academy.
“Living” means that there is no rigid dogma or teaching methods of the content, but rather an adaptation takes place according to the epoch and the needs of the student body.
The external forms of these so-called mystery schools, in which the Timeless Wisdom is taught, changed their appearance according to the epoch and predominant culture; but the teaching remains the same in essence.
The Hermetic science sees mind as the cause of matter. The word „Hermeticism“ has a correlation to the messenger of the gods Hermes, who in mythology proclaims the messages of the gods. Thus Hermeticism fulfills a mediating task; it gives the human being access to the spiritual levels and enables new ways of thinking. The way to self-knowledge. In short: Hermeticism is the mediator between spirit and matter.
With membership to the Hermetic Academy, the student gains access to his inner self in self-experimentation. He or she learns to grasp the hidden connections of his or her own life circumstances. By consciously focusing on the Higher, the student can recognize and realize his or her virtues and ideals individually. This is a process of awakening, which differs fundamentally from a mere memorization.

Building the inner temple together

The Hermeticist has internalized his self-experience and expresses it in his feelings, thoughts, words and actions. He becomes the „pentagram“, a symbol of the dominion of the spirit over matter.
The student of Hermetic teaching works on his own evolution as well as on that of the whole of humanity. By knowing the laws, we can participate in the construction of the inner temple and erect it in a dignified form. In this way, the human being can find and take his place in creation again. He thus becomes the one who is, was and always will be.
Finally, the human being overcomes ignorance to become a conscious benefactor of life. The goals of Hermeticism are:

  • Universal prosperity
  • Universal health
  • Universal spiritual development
  • Universal education
  • Universal political freedom
  • Universal religious freedom
  • Universal peace

All these sublime endeavors are possible at this moment. As soon as enough people lead their lives in freedom and self-responsibility, an inner movement can start. It‘s fruit will be the brotherhood of humanity.

What is faith – and what is not?

The question remains, what is scientific about the Hermetic Academy, if faith is still required. In Hermetic training, one learns to know and apply the spiritual laws and forces. But faith is also a real force, which differs from blind faith (which leads rather to fanaticism).
An example is how we observe gravity and then assume (or „believe“) that gravity will work again tomorrow. Something else would be to blindly believe that this force would simply disappear; as soon as we climb stairs or lift weights at the gym, this assumption is refuted. The concept of faith and certainty is therefore often confused with blind faith.

Faith can also be understood as a filter through which we can shape our lives. If something seems to go wrong, it is often a belief that something external is responsible for it. This ensures that we behave in a particular way and that life circumstances are shaped by these actions.

One cannot abolish the laws, but use them intelligently; for this, beliefs can be helpful or can become an obstacle. If one optimizes one’s beliefs, very different results in life are possible; one begins to shape one’s life consciously.
Applying allows testing. This first hand knowledge is in contrast to speculative theory.

In Hermeticism, there are also certain disciplines such as the Hermetic Kabbalah, Hermetic alchemy, mysticism and the work with the archetypes of the Tarot, just to name a few sub-areas.
These disciplines make the big picture of this teaching understandable. They explain each other in a layered way and make it practical.
In this respect, the Hermetic science does not demand blind faith, but uses the ability of faith as a resource and mental power.