Some religions fight against all forms of interpersonal relationships which, according to their interpretation, do not correspond to traditional marriage.

Can people follow the path of Hermeticism, the basis of freedom and love, regardless of their sexual or partnership orientation?

Spiritual paths serve as a guide and map for our existence. They have the task of reminding us of the Creator and helping us to expand our consciousness in order to grow as human beings. It is important to mention that many interpretations of sacred scriptures are difficult to interpret and a highly developed consciousness is required to understand them correctly.

Through meditation, study and ritualism we can develop our consciousness to its full flowering. At the Hermetic Academy, we learn at a very early age to decide and act on our own responsibility. Freedom is the highest good here, and every person bears the consequences of their actions. Everyone is free to choose and live their own lifestyle.


Karma, freedom and personal responsibility

We experience the world differently depending on our karma.

The principles of karma are taught to us step by step in Hermetic training so that we can work in harmony with the big picture as human beings here on earth.

In history, so-called “minorities” and people who differ from the masses in certain characteristics have often been met with hatred and condemnation, but the sages of all ages teach us a different way: the brotherhood of humanity includes all people equally. Every person experiences their own karma and is fully responsible for their own life.

Karma is the law of cause and effect – we use this law, knowingly or unknowingly, every day. The better we know the extent of this universal principle, the more purposefully we can shape our lives: In other words, we go from being a chess piece to the player.

Hermeticism explains this law to us and is a gracious gift that enables us to return to the Creator. It pleads for freedom of conscience and self-responsibility with regard to the interpretation of revelations and Holy Scriptures.

It is easy to point the finger at others in order to blame a scapegoat for one’s own transgressions. Hermeticism teaches us, however, that we must first change ourselves and that our world will change as a result.

Our conscience helps us to behave correctly in the world in relation to ourselves and the world and to make a positive difference as a human being. The answer lies within – and we are called to walk our own path, even if we realize at a certain stage of our spiritual development that we are more likely to be “pulled upwards”.

We have the opportunity to make the right decision in every moment by listening to our conscience.

The Hermetic Academy teaches a way in which the individual can engage with creation authentically and free from prejudice and follow their own path. In a free world, it is up to each person to decide for themselves how to shape their individual life. The laws of nature apply to everyone in the same way, so everyone always reaps what they sow.

The right of every person to explore spirituality

Every human being is called upon to put his own house in order before he feels called upon to point the finger of judgment at his fellow human beings instead of treating them with benevolence and understanding. The first article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights reminds us of this fact:

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”

Freedom is an important foundation for us.

Theory is important to provide a stable foundation for practice, but knowledge only comes to life through application. Developing oneself is therefore more than just reading writings, it is also putting them into practice. And it is every person’s right to experience and realize spiritual development.

Hermetics gives us the tools to take up our spiritual heritage and experience being human to the fullest with the full pallette of color that goes with it. The Academy’s courses accompany us step by step on this path of self-knowledge and authenticity and awaken our dormant potential.

Everyone has the right to explore spirituality, to walk the path of self-knowledge and therefore to study at the Hermetic Academy. Therefore, it is irrelevant what sexual or partnership-related disposition a person has, e.g. whether someone is homosexual, ascetic, divorced, single, childless, patchwork, married, etc, to study at the Hermetic Academy. What really matters for the spiritual path is the inner call to the higher that a person feels in their heart.

With this in mind: #REWAKE!