Hermeticism – the study of hermetic teachings helps us to find our path and thus to fulfill the intended mission of existence. It provides an advantage in the conscious shaping of everyday life and allows the student to realize their innermost calling.

A significant advantage of studying Hermetic teachings relates to the conscious recognition and application of spiritual laws that are still hidden from most people.

However, this advantage is not intended to glorify oneself towards one’s fellow human beings through selfish tendencies or to misuse power merely for selfish purposes. This path would be characterized by painful patches and separates us from true development.

The study of the Hermetic wisdom teachings is also not intended to enjoy the development of psychic abilities through purely intellectual study. Instead, it involves a gradual unfolding of our true potential and is characterized by active action. It is based on the application of study, meditation and ritual.

“The possession of knowledge, if it is not actively expressed and acted upon, is like the heaping up of precious metals – a useless and foolish thing. Knowledge, like wealth, is destined to be used. This law of application is universal, and he who violates it suffers through his conflict with the forces of nature.” – (The Kybalion)


On the path of Hermeticism, undesirable and unhelpful patterns of behavior and habits are balanced and attuned to more subtle forces. These purifications allow the student to become aware of their original creative abilities again. A new quality of life fills the aspirant.

Shadow themes from past experiences and especially from destructive early childhood imprints are recognized and purified in this process.

This has a beneficial and strengthening effect on the entire organism. Metaphorically speaking, the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly.

The path of self-knowledge and spreading the light

With new strength, the aspirant embarks on his individually experienced path of life: the path of self-knowledge. This path allows us to consciously perceive the unity of everything and thus describes the result of spiritual unfolding. Love for the whole of humanity unfolds from this awareness. Self-knowledge helps us to gain a greater understanding of life and our ability to respond to it.

We are all individual cells in a collective body of consciousness. As part of the universal brotherhood of humanity, it is important to understand that we are all in the same boat.

The light of one candle is capable of kindling the fire of many more candles. In this sense, every human being is a unique body of light. Students of Hermetic teachings become aware of this light body and thus create a conscious connection to higher levels. They are thus the spiritual pioneers of entire generations.

Many famous personalities of the past, such as Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein or Ludwig van Beethoven, created true achievements for subsequent generations through the knowledge and study of spiritual laws

Working together to spread the light is an essential factor. The larger the vessel of reception by a group, the more the spread of light is possible through sharing with fellow human beings. This accelerates the development of the collective consciousness. One becomes a conscious bearer of the light.

As a student of Hermetic teachings, responsibility also grows: responsibility towards oneself and one’s fellow human beings. This results in freedom. Freedom therefore means responsibility, which is why most people fear it so much.

A commitment to human freedom, dignity and self-determination are indispensable for following a genuine spiritual path.

The key to unlocking your own potential

As a universal key, the secret knowledge of Hermeticism offers a path to spiritual transformation on all levels. Training in a mystery school makes it possible to lay the foundations for personal growth and progress.

All these abilities to consciously shape our lives are already within us. It is up to us to change our lives. We are called to bring these abilities to life and apply them. Everyday life is the best field of experience for this. Every aspirant is presented with exactly the quality of experience that they are capable of mastering in their individual plan of existence.

Each seed contains the growing and completed blossom with its inherent potential. The seed of a rose can only grow into a rose. It is the same with the incarnations of human beings. The Hermetic teachings allow us to recognize our individual seed and develop it into a perfect blossom in the world of phenomena.

In contrast to many other people, the student recognizes the interplay of his innermost spiritual mechanisms of action and how they find expression in the visible material world. This enables them to gain a greater understanding and a considerable advantage in shaping their everyday life. The illusionary ideas of separation are cleared up and a new view of reality emerges.

Authentic training is required to free oneself from these illusionary chains of separation and to recognize the reality behind the manifestations.

The Hermetic Academy offers this path. Spiritual training, such as that offered by the Hermetic Academy, shows aspirants a way to become aware of their dormant potential. Perception is trained and consciousness is raised to more luminous heights.

In this way, increasing insights can be integrated into everyday life, thus creating the basis for a fulfilled life.

The 7 Hermetic Principles and Universal Goals

The Seven Hermetic Principles, which form the foundation of the Hermetic Philosophy, can be described as follows:

  • The Principle of Mentality
  • The principle of correspondence
  • The principle of vibration
  • The principle of polarity
  • The principle of rhythm
  • The principle of cause and effect
  • The principle of gender

They are also explained in the Kybalion, from which we can glean the following wisdom:

“The principles of truth are seven; he who knows and understands them possesses the master key, by touching which all the gates of the temple open.” – (The Kybalion)

Through the conscious knowledge and application of these principles, the gates of understanding open. The aspirant learns to make use of the spiritual laws and to apply them constructively in his life.

The fundamental goals of the Hermetic Academy can be summarized in the following areas of life:

  • Universal spiritual unfoldment
  • Universal health
  • Universal political freedom
  • Universal religious freedom
  • Universal education
  • Universal prosperity
  • Universal peace

Life-oriented study through the Hermetic Academy and the resulting experiences set a lever in motion that brings about fulfillment in all areas of life!