Hermetic Academy exercises: A farmer can only reap the rewards when he actively applies the knowledge acquired about cultivating his fields using machines and equipment.

The same applies to studying the teachings of the Hermetic Academy.

Find out more about the interaction between the theoretical and practical teachings of Hermeticism; the royal road of the Western Mystery Tradition, in this article.

Firstly, it is important to realise the difference between theory and practice. A theory is generally knowledge gained through thinking as opposed to experience gained through practice. The word “practice” is of Greek origin and means “deed”, “action” or also “performance”, “realisation” and “completion”.

Practical exercises deepen our understanding of the effects of theoretical principles and thus enable a conscious experience of existing thought content. Just as we once learnt the letters of the alphabet, through constant practice and learning we create a complex combination of individual letters to form complete sentences.

In this way, we ultimately express through writing or words the vibrations that animate them through their inherent essence. Theory thus represents the template for experience. Practice, however, only allows them to be fully integrated into our being through these very experiences.

The same applies to the study of Hermetic wisdom teachings. The Hermetic Academy offers students a unique, gradually structured teaching system through the teaching of timeless wisdom. Translated by the above example, the letters mentioned correspond to the reading of individual teaching contents.

The understanding of the composition of complete sentences is formed by the subsequent practical exercises through their effects on the stage of life.

academy exercises

The foundation of self-knowledge

Self-reflective exercises and techniques provide a valuable foundation for recognising one’s own current position in life at the beginning of the course. Observing your own thought patterns is a powerful exercise that helps you to become aware of the origin of your everyday experiences.

This gives the aspirant the opportunity to develop new perspectives and thus train their perception. The meaning of various destructive thought processes and habitual patterns is often called into question. Driven by our everyday lives and overshadowed by painful experiences, people often lack the necessary reflection to gain a view of their true essence.

As children of light, however, it is of the utmost necessity to approach this centre of our being in order to make it shine in the world of appearances.

A true spiritual path is far more than just studying books and instructions. It involves a constant confrontation with oneself through lived practice. This is the real potential for growth. The instructions of the Hermetic Academy are designed to bring you closer to the origins of your own potential through perseverance.

They describe a summary of many traditional teachings from the most diverse areas of life in both the metaphysical and spiritual worlds. Depending on the maturity of the aspirant’s soul, a conscious connection with our true identity and the individually experienced path of life – as a journey to oneself – gradually emerges through lived study.

As a mediator of timeless wisdom teachings through modern means of communication, the Hermetic Academy offers every student the opportunity to embark on this journey and gain awareness of it.

The efficacy of the Western path.

In contrast to Eastern teachings, which often require hours of meditation, the practical exercises of the Hermetic Academy take a relatively short time of just a few minutes. However, these work powerfully and effectively within a structured, sustainable curriculum. This enables Westerners to follow their true calling within the framework of a Western-influenced spiritual path.

Many of the personal development courses currently offered on the internet are often designed to maximise success within a short period of time. It is not uncommon for participants to lack the necessary strength and discipline to integrate and implement the acquired knowledge into their everyday lives after completing the course.

The cleansing of past destructive life experiences is often neglected. Continuing to fill a full, dirty glass will only lead to it overflowing at some point. This picture illustrates the importance of emptying the glass in order to be able to clean it and fill it with new, clear water.

It is also crucial to widen or enlarge the glass, i.e. the vessel, so that it can hold more water. The spiritual light that we are all capable of receiving is metaphorically similar to water.

The Hermetic Academy passes on knowledge that has been handed down for thousands of years with the associated practical exercises, self-reflections and, in some cases, video lectures following individual lessons. Practising the exercises can be easily integrated into everyday life.

These exercises include the appropriate practical techniques of Western spirituality. Ultimately, it is up to each student to decide how much time they invest in studying and practising the exercises. Constant repetition and internalisation of the texts and the Hermetic Academy exercises can be enormously beneficial to the growth of each student.

Through continuous study, the aspirant gains the ability to understand the context of their everyday experiences. The practical methods as preceding causes transport the essential components into the world of phenomena. Through these new experiences, the experience of life is transformed into a new quality. The veil of illusions and separateness is gradually lifted. The understanding of oneself and the world finally allows the underlying unity of humanity to be recognised and perceived.

Who is Hermeticism aimed at and what does it want to achieve?

But who is the Hermetic Academy actually suitable for?

  • For people who strive for personal fulfilment
  • For people who are searching for the meaning of life
  • For people who are looking for fundamental answers
  • For people who want to understand their life plan
  • For people who want to find the cause of their life situation
  • For people who want to expand their spiritual thinking
  • For people who want to realise their potential
  • For people who want to explore the hidden knowledge of the mysteries

Beginning with the basic courses, you progress continuously on the path to deeper and deeper realisation and wisdom. The basic courses illuminate the fundamental areas of life and are also the defined goals of the Hermetic Academy, namely

  • Universal spiritual development
  • Universal health
  • Universal political freedom
  • Universal religious freedom
  • Universal education
  • Universal prosperity
  • Universal peace

After completing these courses, further opportunities open up for the student to approach the essence of their true origin through in-depth courses and thus realise true fulfilment on higher levels in their lives.
“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.” Matthew 7:7