Happiness – are people who study the teachings of Hermeticism happier? This question is often asked.

This short article discusses the extent to which hermeticism can also be a path to a happier and more meaningful life.

Hermetic teachings tell us that the spirit is the basis and cause of matter and controls it. As the Kabbalistic traditions teach, man was created in the image of God and therefore also possesses creative power. Our attention determines where this creative power flows and which images it animates on the stage of life.

If this teaching is true and something goes “wrong” in our life circumstances, then the cause lies in our mental attitude – and therefore in the focus of our attention, which we have not yet sufficiently mastered.

The Hermetic Academy preserves the most powerful and effective tools to help direct the flow of attention and to manifest happiness and beauty for oneself and one’s environment in harmony with the whole.


Receive in order to share with others

As we are taught in the Kabbalah, it is fundamental to want to receive God’s many blessings in order to share them with other people. True fulfilment includes our fellow human beings and only takes on substance when we rise from the level of the creature to the level of the Creator and share our gifts with others.

By giving, we sow the seeds of fulfilment and happiness. It is of course necessary that we first receive something before we use what we have received for our own good and that of our fellow human beings.

Through meditation and specific exercises, ritualism and the study of high-quality wisdom writings, we expand our vessel of receiving in order to receive God’s gifts.

The structured curriculum of the Hermetic Academy provides us with hermetic exercises and numerous instructions that teach us how to direct our lives towards fulfilment and perfection.

The Academy is dedicated to the realisation of seven universal goals:

  • Universal prosperity
  • Universal health
  • Universal education
  • Universal spiritual fulfilment
  • Universal religious freedom
  • Universal political freedom
  • Universal peace

The realisation of these noble goals enables the holistic development of the full potential of every person who is willing to study and apply Hermeticism.

Happiness in your own hands

Thousands of students testify to the positive effect of the Hermetic teachings in their lives. Since Hermetics is a verifiable science, self-responsibility is an important key to our happiness.

We can only make a difference when we take action rather than remain mired in theory – so realising one’s potential is all about the practical application of the laws of life.

This is different from blind obedience to a theory. As soon as we recognise how the law of cause and effect manifests itself in our lives, we can act purposefully and forge our destiny.

“Everyone is the architect of their own destiny.”

As students of the Hermetic Academy, we consciously detach ourselves from the level of blame and powerlessness. We realise we are the cause of our life circumstances. We begin to take up our legacy as an evolved human being.

Once we understand how our inner powers work, we attain the joy and happiness that are part of our human heritage. Our life thus becomes both an exciting adventure and filled with meaning. In this way, we can serve humanity purposefully. We have the opportunity to walk through the world with benevolence and brotherhood, to be like a candle light in the darkness.

In the individual courses of the Hermetic Academy, we receive weekly instructions and exercises to verify the theory in practice.

The blessing for our immediate environment

Many Hermetic Academy students report how their new focus on positive and constructive areas of life with the help of the Hermetic tools also has an effect on their family and immediate environment. This effect is indeed “viral”. As soon as we recognise who we are and where our place is in the world, we can work from our centre with a sense of security and inner support.

In this way, we are able to leave paralysing feelings and fears behind us because they are replaced by the realisation of the laws of life. As a result, we can break out of the old monotonous cycle through new patterns of behaviour and enter a new path.

The teachings of hermetics act as an enormously powerful catalyst – they help us to cope with everyday life in an authentic and coherent way.

In contrast to some unworldly spiritual paths that require a monastic life in an ashram, for example, on the Hermetic path we stand with both feet on the ground. We complete our everyday life and turn the grey average life into an alchemical laboratory through targeted training.

So we are not fleeing – we are integrating and changing.

The decisive factor here is the true-to-life teaching of Hermetics, which challenges us to scrutinise the content and let the results speak for themselves.

It is easy to understand that a person who experiences himself as the builder of his life and the conscious architect of his circumstances perceives things differently to a person who appears to be at the mercy of life’s circumstances. Both may be confronted with similar situations on the outside, but their inner lives and how they deal with them differ enormously.

Leaving the vale of tears with confidence

The time for excuses ends the day we realise the spiritual laws, because then we can leave the vale of tears with confidence. The higher we go, the rougher the wind may blow, but the view gives us an overview. Everyone may be at a different level on the way to the top of the mountain, but it‘s possible for every sincere traveller to reach the summit with the right mountain guide.

Spiritual development is a basic human right. Through spiritual development, we awaken our inner life and can consciously manifest happiness and joy.

With our eyes open, we see all the opportunities we encounter every day and can enjoy our lives awake and alert.

Then the dark nightmare of helplessness and powerlessness ends. It is precisely then that we have the opportunity to awaken our dormant potential and start a new, happier life.

With this in mind