Bach Flower Remedies: The inventor of the Bach Flower Remedies, Dr Edward Bach (1886-1936), originally from Wales, was a doctor and a Freemason.

He began his career as a homeopath and soon developed his own form of therapy. He created a self-contained system of 38 special flower essences.

These essences were not only intended to treat disease, but also to work on the mind.

He believed that every illness stemmed from an inner conflict between a person’s personality and their higher self.

The causes of this disease-causing conflict, he said, were character weaknesses such as pride, cruelty, selfishness, hatred, insecurity, ignorance and greed.

Taking special flower remedies would improve these states of mind. Edward Bach knew that his remedies did not work in a conventional way, nor could they be compared to conventional medicine.

He formulated his therapeutic concept on the basis of his ‘esoteric’ view of the world. He believed that the cause of illness lay in wrong thinking and disharmonious emotions.

Bach Flower

“Disease in the material body is the result of the personality’s resistance to the guidance of the soul: when the “small, gentle voice” falls on deaf ears, when we forget the divinity within us, when we try to impose our desires on others or allow ourselves to be influenced by their suggestions, thoughts and orders”. (Edward Bach)

The healing system originally conceived by Bach has a spiritual and not primarily a physical background. Health requires mental and spiritual effort. Therefore, the mere taking of Bach Flowers, as it is prescribed today in self-treatment, by alternative practitioners or the like, has nothing to do with the original system as conceived by Bach.

In the Hermetic Academy, no substances are taken for spiritual development, although every person has the freedom to use Bach flowers or homeopathy.

The Hermetic Academy teaches the refinement of the personality and the noble virtues that promote spirituality, make it grow and lead to freedom.

It teaches a profound and lifelong verifiable esoteric path that leads to a self-responsible, fulfilling, healthy and healing life. It gives tools to create your own life circumstances.

The Hermetic Academy helps in the development of spiritual thought, personality development, exploring one’s life situation, realizing one’s inherent potential, understanding one’s life plan, exploring the mysteries and much more.