The transformation of metals, at first glance, seems to have nothing to do with spirituality.
So, what is understood by the transmutation of lead into gold in the mysteries? How is this process related to Hermeticism?
You will find the exciting answers to these questions in this article.

What is Transmutation?

Transmutation is generally referred to as the transformation of an atom of one element into another. This involves radioactive decay, as a change of elements is not possible with conventional chemical means.
This is also reflected in alchemy, where the undeveloped aspects of humans, as the slag of suffering, darkness, and death, are transformed into the pure gold of wisdom.

This does not mean physical gold or silver, but the pure correction of human aspects that can shine more and more as beauty.
In the so-called “Lesser Work,” the vehicle of humans (body, subconscious, intellect, feelings, and desires) is corrected and tuned and adjusted to higher patterns of unity.

The body corresponds to alchemical earth, the subconscious to alchemical air, the intellect to alchemical water, and feelings and desires correspond to alchemical fire.


Transmutation in a Mystery School

In the Hermetic Academy, humans learn to correct these aspects so that they are aligned with the Higher, i.e., Divine.

More precisely, it means how much willingness one feels/ has developed within, to serve the later „Great Work“,and thus; God and humanity.

Then the Holy Spirit of God can incarnate in each person, which is also referred to as RUACH ELOHIM (Spirit, Breath) in Kabbalah.

This Holy Spirit also represents the Fifth Element (Quintessence), which rules over the lower aspects of being. Thus, the spirit governs matter.
From this point on, the “Great Work” begins, during which further corrections of the soul take place that are transmuted.

In this process, an ever-growing willingness grows to completely surrender oneself to GOD and trust Him unconditionally. Then with other like-minded people, the “Great Work” can be worked on and completed to transform the entirety of humans into spiritual gold.

Alchemy is an essential subject area of Hermeticism and is passed on in theory and practice in authentic mystery schools to enable the transmutation of a prepared student2.

It also takes its place in the curriculum of the Hermetic Academy. The Hermetic Academy enables spiritual aspirants to take a lifelong path of development on their own responsibility and realize higher levels of spiritual unfolding on a guided path that has been proven over millennia.