Embark on a journey of discovery, where the ancient wisdom of Merkabah meets the guiding light of your higher self.


In the quest for spiritual understanding, ancient symbols often hold keys to profound truths. One such symbol, the Merkabah, is not merely a relic of mystic lore but a vibrant emblem of our life’s journey. This sacred chariot, intricately woven into the fabric of esoteric teachings, symbolizes how we navigate our existence, led by the wisdom of our higher self. Let’s embark on an explorative journey to demystify the Merkabah and unveil its relevance in our modern quest for enlightenment.

Merkabah: Understanding the Vehicle of the Soul

The Merkabah, often depicted as a chariot, represents our physical and spiritual existence. In this chariot, the body serves as the vehicle, powered by the horses of intellect and emotions. As we traverse the path of life, it’s our self-consciousness and willpower that steer this complex construct​​. The Tarot’s Key 7 embodies this concept, illustrating how we harness our inner strength to guide our journey. This ancient wisdom teaches us that personal growth stems from understanding and aligning these aspects of our being.

Tarot Key: 7 - Chariot by Hermetic Academy

The Higher Self: The Charioteer of Our Existence

Central to the idea of the Merkabah is the notion of the higher self. This transcendent aspect of our identity acts as the charioteer, directing the course of the body’s journey. The higher self, an immortal facet of our individuality, possesses wisdom far beyond the temporal bounds of our physical existence​​​​. By attuning to this higher consciousness, we gain insight into the true direction of our life’s path, ensuring that our physical and emotional energies serve our greater purpose.

The Body and the Cosmos: A Reflection of Universal Wisdom

The Merkabah also symbolizes the intimate connection between our physical form and the universe.The cube-shaped chariot depicted in the Hermetic Academy’s exclusive Tarot Key 7 (The Chariot) symbolizes that our true essence transcends mere physical existence, embracing the infinite expanse of the cosmos. This profound concept implies that our existence is not confined to our current physical form but is intertwined with the infinite cycle of cosmic activity. Understanding this connection deepens our awareness of the universe’s mysteries and our place within it.

Harnessing Our Innate Powers: Beyond Physical Sensations

Our journey of self-discovery is not limited to the tangible realm. The wisdom of the ages teaches us that the human body is an instrument capable of perceiving and influencing realities beyond physical sensation​​. This understanding opens doors to exploring our potential for spiritual presence and impact, transcending the conventional boundaries of time and space.

Practical Exercise for Spiritual Connection: Observing the Self Beyond Manifestations

To deepen your connection with your higher self, embark on a journey of observation and realization. This practice will guide you to distinguish between the observable aspects of your being and the observer within you – your true self.

  1. Observe Your Body: Begin by focusing on your physical form. Notice the sensations, the rhythm of your breath, the beating of your heart. Acknowledge your body as a vessel, a part of your existence, yet not the entirety of who you are.
  2. Observe Your Personality: Reflect on the traits that define your personality. These may include your habits, preferences, and reactions to different situations. Recognize that while these traits describe how you interact with the world, they are not the core of your being.
  3. Observe Your Intellect: Turn your attention to your thoughts and reasoning. Observe how your mind operates, the flow of your thoughts, and the patterns of your logic. Understand that your intellect is a tool for navigating life, but it is not the essence of your consciousness.
  4. Observe Your Emotions: Notice the emotions that flow through you – joy, sorrow, anger, love. Observe these feelings without attachment, understanding that they are transient experiences, not permanent states of your being.
  5. Realize the Observer: Now, realize that you, the one who observes the body, personality, intellect, and emotions, are separate from these aspects. You are the observer, the unchanging instance beyond these changeable manifestations. This realization brings you closer to understanding your higher self – the true driver of the Merkabah, your spiritual chariot.

Conclusion: Embracing the Journey with the Hermetic Academy

The Merkabah and the higher self are not just esoteric concepts; they are gateways to profound spiritual experiences. The Hermetic Academy invites you on an enlightening journey, offering exclusive training and practice in the secret symbolism of Tarot. With us, you’ll learn to use this magical tool not for fortune-telling, but as a means of meditation, contemplation, imagination, and pathworking. Our teachings are designed to help you correct destructive behavior patterns and unlock personal development and enlightenment.

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