“I have read the Kybalion and other Hermetic books – why do I still need to study at the Hermetic Academy?”
And: “Do you explain how to practically implement the Kybalion?”
Some interested individuals would like to learn more about the concrete benefits of studying at the Hermetic Academy and better understand its relationship to the Hermetic scripture of the Kybalion. Often, the answer is already contained in a question. This is also the case with these two.

The Kybalion and other theoretical writings of the Hermetic mystery tradition describe spiritual laws and their workings.

However, reading the Kybalion is akin to reading an advanced textbook on mechanical engineering: it requires knowledge of the technical terms used therein, practical experience, and knowledge of the intentions behind the mostly theoretical explanations.

In any case, spiritual laws are universal facts and exist independently of books and cultural terms. The Hermetic Academy offers aspirants the opportunity to independently research and learn to apply these laws.

Through practical application and experience, various Hermetic writings can naturally be understood much better in their meaning and depth, revealing hidden connections.


The Strong Pillars of the Hermetic Academy

In the academy, students learn step by step in sequential courses to perceive their heritage as humans and to shape their lives in harmony with spiritual laws as well as to live consciously.

The Kybalion and other Hermetic writings, which are made accessible to a wider audience in the online library of the Hermetic Academy, can thus be enlightening companions and guides in practical study – but they do not replace practice.
Teaching in an authentic mystery school is based on three pillars: study, ritual, and meditation. Only a balanced balance of these three pillars guarantees success in spiritual development.

While reading high-quality texts stimulates our intellect positively, we unfold the wisdom of our soul when meditating.
The ritual, on the other hand, sets a symbol in motion and is the strongest form of suggestion for our subconscious mind to initiate desirable changes in our personality and our life.
As we actually work with enormous forces in Hermetic practice, certain information that serves correct application is only passed on within an authentic mystery school.

The Hermetic Academy is an external carrier of such a mystery school and has made it its mission to convey the teachings of Timeless Wisdom through modern teaching methods in a contemporary form.
Rituals that have been published in books are often faulty and very dangerous. In case of betrayal or publication outside a mystery school, they also lose their actual effect, as the group spirit of the school is essential for the effectiveness of these symbolic representations and energy supply.

Most publications of practical meditation techniques and rituals of magic are comparable to a car without fuel and gas station.

Why Safe Guidance Is Needed for The Highest Goals of Being Human

The answer finally is: Yes! The Hermetic Academy explains and instructs the teachings described in the Kybalion. The intention here is aimed at manifesting universal goals for humanity. These goals are:

  • Universal Prosperity
  • Universal Health
  • Universal Spiritual Unfolding
  • Universal Political Freedom
  • Universal Religious Freedom
  • Universal Education
  • Universal Peace

The instructions of the Hermetic curriculum extend into more advanced areas, such as Hermetic astrology, the symbolism of the Tarot, Hermetic alchemy, and other arcane arts.

Studying and, above all, the practical implementation of these teachings in one’s own life management enable profound transformations that are not possible outside of training in this framework.

Especially the practical handling of ritual and meditative techniques requires safe guidance by suitable teachers who constantly radiate the knowledge of the laws. The danger would simply be too great that the teachings of Timeless Wisdom would be misused for selfish purposes and would harm rather than benefit the disoriented student.
This is also the reason for the step-by-step structure of the curriculum in the online instructions of the Hermetic Academy. Everything comes at the right time. In this way, the student learns to rise from victim consciousness to creator consciousness and to use the tools of Hermeticism efficiently.

The real initiates exercise great caution with information that can be disseminated in public. It is important to prevent immature individuals – figuratively speaking – from getting “radioactive substances” into their hands without the possibility of safe constructive handling of them.
Therefore, Hermetic books should always be understood in the sense that they were written for the public to reach people outside an authentic school to a certain extent.

Of course, the initiates have written with care in these publications and made sure to pass on only healthy “doses” of information.
Unfortunately, in human history, correct information has led to abuse and major disasters among immature individuals. Numerous wars and suffering
were the result of such desecration.

Why Read Books Like The Kybalion?

An old proverb says; “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” As soon as we are ready to meet our inner teacher, he will also become recognizable on the outside. Then we get the right information at the right time, in harmony with our life intention. Our inner call then becomes perceptible reality – and we can act coherently in harmony with the laws of the universe.

The word “cosmos” comes from Greek and means “order”. By studying laws, we can recognize the benevolent intention behind ordered creation and become a conscious channel for beneficial forces that can express themselves through humans.

If we are in harmony, we no longer experience our everyday life as random chaos but consciously as an expression of these laws. This is something other than pure book knowledge: it is immovable reality.

As a Hermeticist, we want to recognize reality and thus our true self. Then we have knowledge, and our life reaches a new level.

By applying spiritual laws, we consciously exercise dominion in our lives and can master our lives through self-control. High-quality books like The Kybalion are then a reminder of reality and purifying food for our subconscious – they fulfill their purpose by freeing us from the smoke screen of various media and misinterpretations of reality.

The Higher Self leads us step by step to recognize reality behind appearances. This knowledge liberates and is first-hand knowledge.
The practical exercises and lessons of the Hermetic Academy prepare students for this uplifting experience and enable human consciousness to unfold.

So, to one day, realize true freedom and universal brotherhood of humanity!