In psychology, the term “subconscious” refers to the mental and spiritual processes below the threshold of consciousness. Psychoanalysis refers to the area of the human psyche that is not accessible to the conscious mind as the “unconscious”. The subconscious controls many of our emotional responses because it is where our behavioural patterns are stored. All the decisions we make are first decided by our subconscious.

All our experiences, past and present, are stored in the subconscious. All processes, including the history of creation, are recorded in our subconscious. The subconscious is responsible for conscious actions and those below the threshold of conscious perception, as well as for reflexes.

On a physical level, our subconscious regulates our heartbeat, digestion, breathing, etc. The subconscious mind is also responsible for dreams. It is always active in the HERE and NOW.


Symbols are a unique and universal language. Symbols are information that is universally understandable and connect the higher with the lower. This is why the symbols of the Tarot, for example, have a special meaning. There the keys ‘High Priestess’ and ‘Empress’ are symbolically assigned to the subconscious. It exercises dominion over all developmental processes.

Imagination, based on memory, is a special mental function. Because it works with images, it absorbs everything that is practised intensively. In general, it absorbs all the unfiltered signals of self-consciousness. This is the key to the realisation of individual desires.

From a Kabbalistic perspective, the right-hand pillar of the Tree of Life corresponds to the self-consciousness and the left-hand pillar to the subconsciousness. The self-consciousness stands for the principle of ‘giving’, the subconsciousness for ‘receiving’. The superconscious is the mediator between right and left, between male and female, and is the central pillar. It is abundantly clear that the balance of all three pillars is necessary for a fulfilled life.

We can only influence them if we are convinced of something and have the necessary knowledge of these laws. The first online instructions of the Hermetic Academy focus on the practical application of these forces and laws.

Saying to yourself “I am beautiful” without being convinced of the beauty around you is and remains a lie. It has nothing to do with a true affirmation or suggestion. It is lying to yourself without knowing how the subconscious really works.

A suggestion is a hint and an affirmation is a reminder of the true reality behind the appearance. As long as a person is plagued by the feeling of lack, the subconscious cannot be convinced otherwise. Only when people are convinced of the beauty and boundless abundance of Divine Creation can BEAUTY be suggested to the subconscious.

Understandably, there are many fallacies hidden in the esoteric fair and the New Age movement.

In contrast, the Hermetic Academy, as the guardian of the Western Mystery tradition, draws on thousands of years of wisdom that has been verified by thousands of people.