It is important to carefully distinguish between a magician and a sorcerer, even though the sorcerer may often call himself a magician. The sorcerer, however, is far from being a true magician (Sorcery).

Sorcery – Those who use magic for selfish purposes to increase their power are sorcerers at best, not true magicians of the light.

The sorcerer, through the use of certain techniques, can activate certain secondary aspects of magic within a limited and manageable range. When he activates this or that power, he knows that this or that will happen.

His only intention, however, is to enhance his own existence and to manipulate his environment in an antisocial manner.


Subjecting the power to his own will or making it conform to his personal desires, the sorcerer is always outwardly result-oriented. He is focused on achieving specific results that his ego (self-will) deems right.

The Sorcerer has only his own self-interest and petty, selfish wants and needs in mind. He often takes pleasure in astonishing and enchanting the ignorant with so-called “miracles”.

Sorcery is much more common than one might think. The sorcerer often tries to get what he wants without any effort, just as it is often practiced in the esoteric scene, where one can “order” desires or needs from the universe, such as a little love magic here, a little money magic there etc. (sorcery).

However, the magician lacks inner maturity. He uses techniques in alien and distorted ways, and pursues only anti-social goals at the expense of others. Instead of serving the greater good of humanity, he seeks only to satisfy his selfish desires through a degraded form of magic.

Unlike the magician, who serves the One Source, the primordial Will for Good, the sourcerer acts purely out of self-interest, thus behaving in an anti-evolutionary and involutionary manner.

He is like Goethe’s sorcerer’s apprentice, a servant of the summoned powers. A sorcerer serves the diabolical and is often unconsciously a servant of satanic forces.

The sorcerer practices black magic and is usually unaware of it. He thinks of himself as good, but he is deeply evil, pursuing only self-centered and manipulative goals under the guise of goodness.

In reality, the sorcerer has no understanding of true magic because he does not understand the true cause and source of power. He lacks insight into the true, analogous relationships of these universal laws.

The sourcerer lacks a true connection to the One Source and is deluded by the notion of a separate existence: “me and the environment“. This, he seeks to manipulate through magical techniques. He acts solely from the ideas and “values” of his ego.

The sorcerer has not realized that the power of true magic is always within the framework of cosmic laws. The sourcerer is ultimately nothing more than a pitiful puppet of certain forces. He, in his arrogance and delusion, believes he can control.
The Hermetic Academy instructs in the true teachings of Hermeticism and on the universal laws.