The adept is a high level of initiation within the mystical tradition. This level is not reached through meditation or aspiration, but rather through initiation. There are three levels of Adeptship and one level that combines Adeptship with Mastery. Just as there are different levels of adeptship, there are also different levels of enlightenment.


Adept – An adept is a person who has been initiated into the higher levels of the Mysteries. The adept views his personality (feelings, thoughts, instincts, body) as an instrument, a tool to express the Divine. The adept embodies the all-encompassing will for good, our true nature, and consciously manifests the divine through the human. There are male and female adepts. In addition, the liberated adept’s consciousness has evolved beyond attachment to situations or appearances.

Adeptship opens the way to self-identity, to self-knowledge. To be an adept is not to be free of weaknesses or desires, but it is to see them differently, to identify not with what one does, but with what one is. An aspiring adept explores his abilities through daily experience, which requires adaptability.

Adeptship consists of several stages; therefore, the adept is not fully developed at the outset and continues to grow daily. In alchemy, adeptship is called the “Great Work” (Magnum Opus). The preparation for this is the completion of the Lesser Work (Opus Minor), which is the harmonization of the elements of the personality. This process creates a vehicle through which the Divine Consciousness can operate unhindered.

The Adept sees beyond superficial appearances and aligns with the Truth. They consciously and honestly observe themselves and amaze their contemporaries with the extraordinary flexibility of their behavior. In addition, they exert control over elemental nature. Adepts demonstrate their freedom from enslavement to external circumstances.

The adept is always ready to follow the divine commandments unconditionally – to serve unconditionally. Similarly, out of understanding, they align themselves within the hierarchical structure, obeying instructions and also showing obedience to the “Inner Master”. They are willing to put aside their personal needs and desires to serve the Work.

The adept follows higher values out of understanding, not compulsion. They do not fight against the commandments or change them to suit their own desires, but understand the essence of these values. They live by them, having internalized the true reasons behind these actions out of conviction. Therefore, they consider it a violation of God’s covenant to disregard the divine commandments and hierarchy.

Within the initiatory mystical tradition, there are levels including the Lesser Adept, the Greater Adept, and the Liberated Adept. These are different levels of initiation. The minor adept is connected to the higher consciousness (Messiah). The great adept is connected to divine willpower.

The liberated adept is free from attachment to personal destiny. Each level has its challenges, and each level has its stages of development. Once the adept has internalized these stages and demonstrated a certain level of soul maturity, he is granted the grace of the next higher initiation, which serves as an intermediate stage.

This bridge between the high mysteries of adeptship and the highest mysteries of mastery is reserved for only a few adepts. After that come the highest levels of mastery. These are the true guardians of the tradition.

What does Adept mean?

Adept is a high level of initiation within the mystical tradition. It is not attained through meditation or aspiration, but through initiation. There are three levels of adeptship and one level that combines adeptship with mastery. Just as there are different levels of adeptship, there are different levels of enlightenment.