The True Knowledge of Astrology

Astrology has lost much of its credibility due to fortune tellers and profane astrologers. Despite its ancient history as one of the arcane arts, it is not about horoscopes in a magazine or choosing a partner, but a powerful tool for personal development. Astrology is the interpretation of the [...]

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Prayer – The Power of Sincere Prayer

Prayers are like conversations...but they transcend the material and act as a bridge between the heavenly and the earthly. They are not testimonies of lies, but an insight in words and mirrors of the deepest truth.. Prayer is a conversation, a dialog between God and man. Through prayer, individuals [...]

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Imagination – The Hidden Power

The imagination is a unique and powerful source for materializing goals... However, simply wishing for something from the universe is not enough! The skillful and conscious use of the imagination is one of the great disciplines of the Western Mysteries. The word "imagination" comes from the Latin "imago," meaning [...]

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Achieving Enlightenment through Hermeticism

Enlightenment is a state of consciousness that has been experienced by relatively few individuals since the beginning of humanity... however it is possible to have this experience, even today. Contrary to the trend in popular esotericism, the Mystery Tradition (Hermeticism), understands enlightenment differently. Whilst there are different levels of [...]

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Exploring Timeless Wisdom: Religion, Bible Study, and Hermeticism – A Beginner’s Guide

How does Hermeticism relate to religion? Are the teachings of Hermeticism suitable for all mainstream religions? Do you have to study the Bible as part of the curriculum at the Hermetic Academy? Do you have to be religious at all to study Hermeticism, or is Hermeticism even redundant in [...]

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Hermeticism – Personal Development

Hermeticism is an ancient secret doctrine, dating back to early Egypt, whose innermost knowledge has traditionally been passed on orally. Throughout different generations and countries, a few dedicated individuals received this light, carefully nurtured it, and ensured that it didn't fade away. Thanks to these steadfast souls, this fearless [...]

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