The Superconscious is called the Higher Self, Christ Consciousness or God Consciousness. In ceremonial magic it is called the Holy Guardian Angel. The Holy Guardian Angel stands above the personality and constantly flows into and through it. Our personality is a product of transformation. The better it is attuned to the Higher Self, the more it can unfold within it.

Superconsciousness – The experiences of each incarnation serve the process of development to perfection.

But until then the human being feels separated from the Divine. They perceive themselves as attached to earthly life and identify with their personality, mind, emotions or body instead of seeing them as tools.


The Higher Self is in contact with the Lower Self (personality parts). However, this contact is incomplete because there is no conscious exchange with the lower self.

The true paths of magic lead to the union of the higher and lower selves through the harmonisation of self-consciousness and subconsciousness.
In alchemy this union is called a chymical marriage (superconsciousness). When the parts of the personality have been balanced and ennobled, the higher self can incarnate as a spiritual point where conscious contact can be experienced.

The feminine and masculine aspects are then under the guidance of the superconscious.

Establishing conscious contact with the Higher Self is part of the training at the Hermetic Academy.

Ultimately, union with the Higher Self leads to the death of the small “EGO” (superconsciousness). Unlike the lower self, the higher self is immortal. The higher self survives earthly death. Magic is about connecting with the higher self that connects us to cosmic life.

Here we have a conscious participation in true life and are guided by a higher hand. The higher self chooses the path of self-discipline, expressing a higher vitality and expansion of consciousness.