A lodge refers to a community of brothers, often denoting the physical meeting place (or lodge temple) for a ritual assembly of a secret society. Several lodges, when united, form a Grand Lodge and are more or less autonomously governed by it.


Lodges – Individual lodges are led by “Masters” – the specific title of these individuals varies by order and society. These lodge masters report to the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge.

Members of a lodge address each other as brothers or sisters. This brotherhood is a fundamental aspect of the lodge, designed to cultivate a fraternal relationship among fellow members regardless of their origin, social status, experience or knowledge. As a result, members come from all walks of life. However, orders are often divided into male and female lodges. This gender division allows each lodge to be a valuable sanctuary.

Initiation into a lodge begins with an interview to determine the candidate’s suitability. If the candidate proves worthy, he is initiated into the order in an initiation ritual. The journey takes them from apprentice to journeyman to master. Different orders or societies may have different ranks and levels.

A lodge is administratively structured much like a club: that is, in addition to the lodge master, there are other positions responsible for administrative or ceremonial duties. These individuals have different titles and duties depending on the lodge.

The lodge meets periodically for collective ritual work. These meetings may be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or possibly quarterly or yearly – this can vary greatly depending on the order or society. The participation of the Brethren in these Lodge Convocations is generally obligatory.

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