The basis of Reiki healing is the assumption that every human being has a divine, loving and healing life energy flowing through them.
This energy flows through a Reiki Master, who has accepted the Reiki teachings, and who has previously received Reiki initiation at weekend seminars, and who then acts as a channel for the healing energies.

The term Reiki can be translated as universal life energy or spiritual power. Mikao Usui, a Christian monk who lived in a monastic school in Kyoto, Japan, is considered the founder of Reiki.

On a mountain near Kyoto, Mikao Usui is said to have had an experience of enlightenment in which the power of Reiki was revealed to him.
Until his death in 1926, Usui initiated many students into Reiki. His successor, Chujiro Hayashi, established a Reiki clinic in Tokyo.

It was Hawayo Takata, a Japanese-born Hawaiian, who first brought Reiki to the Western world. Hawayo Takata was suffering from lung disease and did not want to go to a regular hospital but went to Dr Hayashi’s Reiki clinic.

There she is said to have been completely cured by Reiki within 4 months. She became a Reiki Master herself and initiated others to become Reiki Masters.


In esotericism and the New Age movement, Reiki is well known and sold as a spiritual path. The theory is that Reiki only works if the student has been initiated by a Reiki Master.

The Reiki master, regardless of degree, lays his hands on the person being treated and transfers the healing energies to the person seeking help.

It is said that Hawayo Takata charged her students $10,000 for Reiki training, or initiations. Her position was that anyone who did not charge this amount was not practising Usui Reiki.

In Reiki, the thesis is propagated that energetic compensation should be demanded for treatment, otherwise negative karma would be built up.

All this should make you think whether this can be real spirituality/esotericism or rather the abuse of spirituality in favour of profiteering, self-interest, and/or abuse of power.

Genuine initiation cannot and will never be sold.

Charlatans who seek to profit from the misery of their fellow human beings are to be found in abundance at esoteric fairs and in seminar catalogues.

The Hermetic Academy preserves and teaches timeless wisdom. It teaches a proven, authentic spiritual path that leads safely to the highest levels of awakening.

This path involves the healing of the body, mind and soul. Step by step, the student is given the tools to master their own life, refine their personality and become a true helper to their fellow man.

Immature personalities who are only after the quick use of magical formulae, initiations, and benefits for themselves usually give up very quickly.

Ethical training is given first, before the student is given more advanced tools. Once a certain purification of the personality has taken place, the student is allowed to go one step further.

There are no quick initiations, this is for the protection of the student and his fellow men.

Hermetic initiation is a gradual and ritual path. It cannot be forced, requested, or bought.

Aspirants are strictly tested and must fulfil certain requirements before they are allowed to follow a true path of initiation.
The Hermetic path of initiation explores the secrets of creation and is designed for the realisation and experience of self-knowledge.