Healing – There are numerous definitions of sickness and health but let’s begin by acknowledging the polarity between these two terms.
One cannot exist without the other, and health cannot be experienced without illness.
Illness is a natural phenomenon resulting from the body’s loss of balance, not a divine “punishment” for wrongdoing.
The principle of responsibility, in terms of action and reaction, plays a significant role in the development of illness, which is often the natural consequence of an unhealthy lifestyle.

The middle ground between these two poles is very narrow and can easily become unbalanced. Imbalances in time and space can sooner or later lead to physical symptoms. These symptoms act as signals that can inspire us to further development and inner growth.


Ignoring these warning signs often leads to increased pressure until we can no longer avoid dealing with them and willingly make the necessary changes.

It also means moving from judgment and resistance to humility, acceptance, and surrender. This includes building trust in divine guidance and having faith in the “rightness of all that is” as a basic attitude.

Life tends to bring more of what you focus your attention on, so it is advisable to shift the focus from illness to health.

This involves developing a vision of healing, of achieving wholeness, and anchoring it firmly in the subconscious.

Doubt is counterproductive. It’s important to take on life’s tasks and remember that time is irrelevant in infinity. It is helpful to reconcile with oneself and reintegrate shadow aspects that have been pushed to the margins.

It should be noted that it is rarely enough to simply wish for health through imagination; concrete steps are necessary.

It is essential to correct health deficiencies, which may involve addressing external factors such as exercise, macronutrients, hormones, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants, rest, relaxation, sleep, etc. An unhealthy lifestyle comes at a cost, often resulting in a shortened lifespan and painful symptoms.

It’s all about survival. Actions that wait for “good luck” are rarely sufficient. In the case of a life-threatening condition, consultation with multiple medical specialists is critical. Survival is the first priority.

After that, it is important to focus on sustainability to prevent recurrence. It is not advisable to rely on self-proclaimed “healers”. They are often clouded by their own illusions, and many of them live as failed individuals, assuming an exalted role and promoting unrealistic theories.

To achieve wholeness, a medical system can be most effective if its practitioners are also spiritually educated, that is, actively engaged in the principles of spirituality.

There may be a hidden message behind every symptom, it is not enough to simply treat the symptoms. Instead, there is often a shift in symptoms.

The Hermetic work of spirituality is structured towards wholeness and healing. Healing, however, means more than just treating physical ailments. Wholeness means accepting one’s destiny and consciously experiencing one’s eternal connection to the One Creator.

One goal is the perfection of all bodies. The finer and grosser bodies require purification due to the increasingly intense energies on the spiritual path.

The higher the level at which fine balance is achieved, the greater the effect. Although humans have the ability to heal themselves, they are not able to use it properly as long as they have a distorted view of themselves and reality.

The basic courses of the Hermetic Academy teach the spiritual powers of healing, self-healing and the Hermetic perspective of wholeness and perfection.
What does it mean to be spiritual?
„Spirituality“ describes our relationship with higher reality and infinity. The term denotes an attitude toward a deeper religious meaning. Spirituality is independent of any religion or belief system.

What is spiritual development?

Spiritual development involves “inward” growth and the cultivation of certain virtues and the overcoming of vices. This leads to increased mindfulness, concentration, compassion, love, and fulfillment. Spiritual development enhances the senses and increases awareness of who a person truly is – it is a path of self-realization.

What is spiritual love?

Spiritual love is more than instinctive desire. It includes loving God as the highest goal, then loving all people, and finally loving all of creation. Achieving this requires spiritual development.

What exactly is esotericism?

Esotericism means “the inner” and refers to knowledge that has historically been accessible only to the chosen few. It is the true secret teaching of Western spirituality. The arcane arts that belong to true esotericism include alchemy, hermetics, kabbalah, gnosticism, mysticism, and metaphysics, among others.