The term “halo” is familiar to most people in both the Western and Eastern worlds, not only in Christian icons, but also in Buddhist and Hindu art, where we find depictions of so-called auras.

Halo – Remarkably, the depiction of this circle of light has its center in a specific area of the brain. The circle extends from this point, according to its radius.

In the mystical tradition, the function of certain areas of the brain has been known for millennia. At the base of the spine lies a dormant force known as the snake force or kundalini.

Fortunately, this power remains dormant in most people, for to awaken it unprepared would lead to delirium and highly dangerous consequences for the individual and his environment.


Sages have always warned against unleashing this power uncontrollably, as its energy would surpass that of Niagara Falls.

If the aspirant’s nerves are not cleansed by ethical and alchemical preparation, the released force would destroy the individual’s finer and physical vehicles (the halo).

Such individuals often end up in psychiatric institutions and are unable to manage their lives.

On the initiatory path, this force is gently awakened. It activates areas of the brain that are only rudimentarily used in the average person. The aspirant’s consciousness then rises to insight. It becomes clear that true development is accompanied by physically measurable changes.

Another consideration is Christ’s statement: “Become as children…” This indicates that in children the force still flows upward unhindered.

Just before the onset of puberty, this channel at the base of the spine closes. If it did not, the increasing sexual power would act too forcefully, resulting in psychological disturbances.

In the courses regarding the Halo, students of the Hermetic Academy learn how to activate these energy centers and unfold their potential.