Numbers not only have a mathematical meaning, but also convey certain ideas and meanings.

This enables the wise person to communicate complex hidden content through numbers.

Gematria is a sub-discipline of Kabbalah that is often misunderstood and misused as a mere numerology of divination.

Gematria – The symbolism of numbers is associated with the assignment of meaning to numbers and number combinations. The numbers 0 to 9 represent a perfect cycle. This cycle begins with 0 and ends with 9, only to begin again at a higher level. This is a repeating rhythm.

Any number above 9 can ultimately be reduced to these 9 basic numbers through theosophical reduction by forming the cross sum.

Each number has a specific meaning and therefore conveys unique information. For example, each number represents a sphere (sephirah) in the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah. There are 10 Sephiroth in the Tree of Life.


0 symbolises nothingness,
the undifferentiated power that precedes revelation. It also symbolises limitless light and freedom. Zero is the eternal and infinite source. It is the rootless root of creation. It corresponds to the sacred ellipse, the endless line of eternity, the cosmic egg and superconsciousness.

In gematria the number 1
represents the beginning and the start. It is the “first” number and therefore the primordial will, unity and uniqueness. It also corresponds to individuality and focus. It is also self-awareness, the defined as opposed to the undefined source. In Kabbalah there is a connection with the crown of the Tree of Life.

In gematria the number 2
is doubling, or repetition. It also stands for science. At the same time it represents opposition and polarity. It is therefore associated with subdivision, lesser importance, subordination and dependence. It corresponds to the subconscious. In the Kabbalah there is a reference to the Sephirah of Wisdom.

In gematria the number 3
symbolises multiplication, growth, expansion and extension, as well as productivity and fertility. It (number 3) is the response of the subconscious activity (number 2) to the self-conscious impulse (number 1). Spiritual images, sown like seeds in the subconscious by the self-consciousness, multiply and proliferate there, bringing the fertilised subconscious into activity (1). In the Kabbalah there is a reference to the sephirah of understanding.

In gematria the number 4
is associated with order, control and authority. Aspects of command and dominance are also found here. This number points to a classifying authority of self-consciousness, the mind. This order is developed through the mediation of an absolute abstract lawfulness. In Kabbalah it corresponds to the Sephirah of Mercy.

In gematria the number 5
symbolises the idea of mediation, as it lies in the middle of the series of numbers from 1 to 9. It is the number of man who mediates between heaven and earth and corresponds to Hermes, the messenger of the gods. It therefore also has the meaning of reconciliation, adaptation and intervention. It also refers to the 5 senses. In the Kabbalah, this number is assigned to the sephirah of justice, which indicates the correct application of the law.

In gematria the number 6
is the number of interaction, exchange, correspondence and reciprocity. It therefore represents harmony and concord, cooperation and agreement. In Kabbalah it also symbolises balance and symmetry. In the Kabbalah Tree of Life, this number is assigned to the Sephirah of Beauty. In Kabbalah it is assigned to the Sephirah of Triumph.

In gematria the number 7
represents balance. It is the result of the exact application of the laws of symmetry and interaction. It embodies mastery and serenity, security and certainty, calm, conquest and victory. It is the number of the Bible, a holy number. There are 7 ancient planets in astrology, 7 metals in alchemy, 7 days of the week, 7 energy centres (chakras). It is said that 7 is the number most loved by the Creator. In the Kabbalah it is associated with the Sephirah of Triumph.

In gematria the number 8
corresponds to rhythm, periodicity and change, such as ebb and flow, involution and evolution. It indicates vibration, which is already expressed in its lines. In mathematics, the horizontal 8 is the symbol of infinity. In Gnosticism it is the number of Christ. In the Kabbalah it is associated with the sephirah of glory.

The number 9
is the completion of a cycle and therefore describes ideas such as completion, end and fulfilment. It represents the final result of the previous numbers. In mysticism it refers to perfection and adeptness. In the Kabbalah Tree of Life there are 3 triads, each with 3 spheres. It also corresponds to the Kabbalistic Sephirah of the Foundation.

The number 10
indicates the connection between the numbers 1 and 0, i.e. self-consciousness (1) and superconsciousness (0). It also represents a repetition of 1 on a higher level. It therefore represents the completion of mastery and is described by the Kabbalists as the Kingdom.

Mystical numbers can also be found in the 22 Hebrew letters. These are not only letters, but also numbers. Each letter has a specific numerical value. In this way words can be used to convey occult ideas and meanings behind the words. The individual letters can be used to determine the numerical values of each word.

Totally different words, which superficially have completely different meanings, can have the same numerical value in gematria, indicating an occult relationship or analogy. The Bible is full of such references.

The Hebrew term NECHASH (NChSh) translates as “serpent” and has a numerical value of 358.

N (50)
Ch (8)
Sh (300)

At the same time, the Hebrew term MESHIACH (MShYCH), which means Redeemer (Messiah), also has a numerical value of 358.

M (40)
Sh (300)
Y (10)
Ch (8)

In this example, the hidden numerical symbolism between the serpent of temptation and the Redeemer (Messiah) becomes visible. The power of the serpent is partly responsible for the fall from the Garden of Eden, but also for the return to the lost paradise. This is why there are parallels between Jesus and the serpent in Gnostic imagery. For example, there are depictions of a crucified serpent.

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Exploring the Mysteries of Kabbalah

In the veiled and mystical realms of the Kabbalah, there lies a profound and spiritual framework, a luminary guiding us through the cryptic messages that numbers and the sacred geometry of the cosmos whisper to our souls. It strides beyond the mere confines of an esoteric study to embrace a holistic way of existence. It beckons us to forge a deep and true connection with the cosmos and the essence of our very selves, by unraveling the divine nature of creation, with its intricate symbols and the mystical language of numbers.

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Gematria, an ancient interpretative method found within esoteric traditions, offers more than a mere cipher—it is a transformative journey through the symbolism of numbers. By integrating each numeric value with the Hebrew alphabet, practitioners can uncover deeper spiritual insights and connections between words and their divine essence. This mystical technique not only deepens one’s understanding of sacred texts but also bridges the personal with the universal, illuminating paths to greater self-awareness and cosmic harmony.

In our exploration, we revealed how gematria extends beyond simple numerological interest, becoming a foundational pillar in understanding the Kabbalistic vision of the universe. Each number and letter combination opens doorways to the vibrational frequencies that compose reality, offering a unique view of the spiritual forces that animate the world. Through this understanding, one gains not just knowledge, but a profound experiential communion with the divine, encouraged to reflect on life’s synchronicities and the esoteric wisdom embedded in everyday existence.

For those drawn to the mystical paths of the Hermetic Academy, gematria serves as a critical tool in the spiritual toolkit, a means of decryption that transforms the esoteric into the palpable. It invites seekers to go beyond the surface, to find the subtle truths hidden in plain sight, and to engage with the spiritual dimensions that underlie all things.

FAQs – Gematria: Meaning of Numbers

1. What is Gematria?

Gematria is an esoteric numerological framework that links numerical values to Hebrew, Greek, and Latin alphabets, terms, and expressions. This method finds its use in Kabbalistic traditions to unearth and decipher concealed significances and connections between words and their numeric counterparts.

2. How can Gematria enrich one’s spiritual practice?

Through perceiving the numeric links among words, adepts may uncover revelations about spiritual doctrines, the inherent essence of language, and the sacred communications embedded in the Hebrew texts.

3. Can Gematria predictions be trusted?

Gematria does not focus on foretelling but rather on enlightenment. It provides a method to contemplate the universal interconnectedness via numerology and symbolic representation.

4. Is Gematria limited to Judaism?

Although gematria springs from Hebrew roots and is mostly engaged within Western mysticism, its principles of numerological symbolism extend across various mystical orders, including Hermeticism and Western esoteric systems.

5. Where can one acquire further knowledge about Gematria?

The Hermetic Academy offers educational programs and materials that explore Kabbalah, among other mystical, initiatory, and Kabbalistic teachings. These offerings equip scholars with formidable instruments to harness gematria and the veiled meanings of numerology in their spiritual pursuits and daily existence.


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