Embark on a Journey of Financial Enlightenment and Spiritual Abundance


The Hermetic Academy proudly presents its groundbreaking “Continuation Course on Universal Wealth,” uniquely blending Hermetic wisdom with practical financial strategies. This is the third course of our unique training system. This course is meticulously designed for those seeking not only material prosperity but also a deeper understanding of wealth from a spiritual perspective. In this course, you will be treated to a handpicked collection of Elias Rubenstein’s video and audio lectures, brimming with practical life insights and the essence of true wisdom. These lectures, delivered on diverse occasions, serve to deepen the learning experience, providing you with direct access to the profound wisdom and unique viewpoints of a distinguished authority in the field.


Key Highlights of the Course

1. The Spiritual Dimensions of Wealth:

Delve into the profound Hermetic principles that underpin wealth creation. Understand how spiritual growth and ethical wealth management are intertwined with financial success.

2. Practical Steps to Financial Freedom:

Learn practical tools and strategies for achieving your financial goals. The course offers actionable advice on wealth creation, savings, and investment, tailored to align with universal laws and personal ethics.

3. Overcoming Mental and Emotional Barriers:

Address common mental and emotional obstacles to wealth, such as fear of money, scarcity mindset, and unproductive behaviors. Transform your relationship with money through a holistic approach.

4. Harnessing the Power of Hermetic Laws:

Gain insights into the lesser-known Hermetic laws that govern prosperity and abundance. Discover how these timeless principles can be applied to modern financial challenges.

5. Wealth as a Reflection of Inner Consciousness:

Explore the concept that external wealth is a manifestation of your inner state. Learn techniques to elevate your consciousness and align it with the energies of abundance and success.

Transformative Learning Experience

Engaging and Interactive Curriculum

The course offers a rich blend of video and audio lectures by Elias Rubenstein, along with interactive content and exercises. These resources are designed to engage students deeply, ensuring a transformative learning journey.

Personal and Universal Development

This advanced course goes beyond mere financial education. It encourages students to view wealth as part of their broader spiritual journey, emphasizing personal responsibility, positive thinking, and ethical considerations.

Community and Support

Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. Grow alongside fellow students who are on the same path of discovering universal wealth.

Conclusion: A Gateway to a Richer Life

More Than Just Financial Gain

The “Advanced Course on Universal Wealth” is not just about accumulating wealth; it’s about redefining your relationship with money and aligning it with your spiritual values. It’s an opportunity to join a journey towards greater understanding, personal growth, and financial empowerment.

Ready to Transform Your Financial Destiny?

If you’re ready to embark on this life-changing journey and unlock the secrets to universal wealth, join us at the Hermetic Academy. Discover your true potential and create a life of abundance, both materially and spiritually.