Exploring the Future of Education and Human Development
by Elias Rubenstein

This book is indispensable for educators and parents alike. “Genius in the New Age” might initially seem like a topic that only concerns parents, but it delves much deeper. It’s about our personal growth and the development of humanity as a whole. Many of us have questions such as: What awaits us in the upcoming generations? Or, what challenges will we face, and what tasks will we need to tackle?

In this book, we’ll explore topics such as education, schools, the digital age, the pros and cons of different education systems, artificial intelligence, spiritual laws, spirituality, the schools of the future, and the challenges of the current education system.

The Softened Society

In the era of new age intellectualism, our society has become increasingly comfortable. We’ll examine the implications of this shift.

Insights from Evolution

What does evolution tell us about the development of intelligence in the new age? We’ll uncover the wisdom encoded in our genetic makeup.

A New Era of Education

The traditional approach to education is evolving. We’ll explore the transformations and innovations that are shaping the future of learning.

Children as Mirrors of Their Parents

Children often reflect their parents in surprising ways. We’ll delve into this fascinating phenomenon.

The Hermetic Laws of Life

We’ll discuss the Hermetic laws that govern human existence and their impact on the development of genius in the new age.

Farewell to the Old School

Traditional educational models are giving way to new paradigms. We’ll explore the reasons behind this transition and its potential benefits.

Welcome to the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is reshaping our world. We’ll delve into the promises and challenges of this technological advancement.

Blessings and Curses of Digital Media

Digital media has become an integral part of our lives. We’ll examine the positive and negative aspects of its influence on education and development.

Our Daily Classroom

The world itself has become a classroom. We’ll explore how everyday experiences can be powerful educational tools.

What Children Shouldn’t (Yet) Learn

There are aspects of life that children may not be ready to comprehend. We’ll discuss the delicate balance between knowledge and innocence.

Competencies in the New Age

In the new age, certain competencies are more vital than ever. We’ll uncover the skills that are key to thriving in this era.

On the Path of Improvement

Continuous improvement is essential. We’ll outline practical steps for nurturing genius in the new age.

Spirituality in Child Rearing

Spirituality plays a significant role in the upbringing of genius in the new age. We’ll explore its impact and relevance.

Vulnerable or Independent?

Are children today more sheltered, or do they have the opportunity to develop greater independence? We’ll examine the balance between protection and autonomy.

Humanity in the New World Order

The new world order brings new challenges and opportunities. We’ll discuss the role of humanity in shaping this evolving global landscape.

Technology and Evolution

Technology is a driving force in human evolution. We’ll investigate its role in shaping the future of genius in the new age.

“Genius in the New Age” is not just a concern for parents; it’s a topic that impacts us all. As we navigate the uncharted waters of the digital age and the evolving education system, understanding the development of genius becomes increasingly important. This book provides a comprehensive guide to these pressing issues and invites readers to join the journey of discovery and adaptation in this exciting new age.

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