Binah in the Tree of Life

In the heart of the Kabbalah, within the Tree of Life, lies Binah, the third Sephirah. Meaning “Understanding”, Binah embodies the consciousness of sanctity. The Sephirot of KETHER, CHOKMAH, and BINAH are collectively known as the divine triad. Through introspection, God recognizes both a masculine and a feminine aspect within. From KETHER, CHOKMAH and BINAH emerge.

Binah: The Feminine Aspect and the Mother Deity

Symbolized as Maria, BINAH represents the feminine principle and the mother deity, the celestial mother of Jesus. Within Binah, two maternal facets emerge: AMA, the dark, barren mother, and AIMA, the luminous, fertile one. Only post-insemination by the masculine principle does AMA transform into AIMA. Within BINAH, both the terms for the Father and the Son are encompassed.

binah divine triad kabbalah

The Many Faces of God

Every Sephirah in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life is allocated a divine name, representing the singular deity’s varied qualities. In each Sephirah, God’s vibration evolves, and in BINAH, it embodies the feminine primal force.

God’s breath assumes the form of NESCHAMAH in BINAH, symbolizing divine intuition. This is artistically represented by the Holy Dove. The dove, in essence, is the Spiritus Sanctus or the “Holy Spirit”, bringing down God’s blessings from the heavens.

Divine Breath and Its Forms

Within the Tree of Life, the divine breath takes on varied imprints. This breath, in biblical contexts, is translated as “soul”, “spirit”, or even “body”. In the sphere of Yesod, this breath is named NEPHESCH (NPSh) or the “Animal soul”. Meanwhile, in Tiphareth, it’s called RUACH (RVCh). In the tale of creation, RUACH ELOHIM (Spirit of the Creator) hovered over waters, which embody BINAH. NESCHAMAH (NshMH) represents the higher soul, the divine facet of humanity. Therefore, humans possess not one but multiple souls.

ELOHIM: Chronicles of Creation

ELOHIM, the creator deities, are linked to the sphere of BINAH. Whenever God manifests creatively, the term ELOHIM appears in the Bible.
As a discerning force, BINAH allows for differentiation, giving shape to creation. This creates a division between the heavens and the earth, distinguishing the higher and lower realms. This division occurred before the inception of humanity.

However, the earth existed before its manifestation. It was present in God’s consciousness, yet as per creation stories, remained shapeless and void.

Creation of Mankind and Their Fall from Grace

On the sixth day, Adam, mirroring the image of ELOHIM, was crafted. Representing not a single being but all of humanity, Adam embodies THE MAN. This archetypal human, much like ELOHIM, was both male and female. Eve, carved from Adam’s side, embodies heaven’s beauty and stands as the mother of all life, reflecting the earthly manifestation of the Great Mother. She parallels the collective book of Yesod, a condensation of the cosmic ocean of BINAH. Higher insights are channeled through BINAH.

With the fall from Eden, Adam, created on the sixth day symbolizing Tiphareth – the sphere of the Heavenly Son, feared God. Initially immortal with access to the Tree of Life, post the original sin, he felt shame and vulnerability. Discrimination necessitates separation, leading to life and death’s duality. Thus, every individual perceives themselves as separate from others in their incarnate experiences.

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