In addition to the numerous definitions of illness and health, the polarity of these two terms should first be pointed out here. One does not exist without the other and health can only be experienced if illness also exists. Illness is a natural phenomenon of the body’s response to the loss of balance and not an arbitrary divine “punishment” for wrongdoing – although the principle of self-responsibility in the sense of action and reaction plays a major role in the development of illness and illness is often the natural consequence of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Spiritual healing – The middle path between the two poles is very narrow and quickly becomes unbalanced. In the context of time and space, imbalances arise, which sooner or later can manifest themselves as physical symptoms. These are signals that can stimulate us to further development and inner growth. If we ignore these warnings, pressure often increases until we can no longer avoid dealing with them and willingly undergo the upcoming changes.

Accordingly, this means moving out of evaluation and resistance and entering into humility, acceptance and acceptance. This involves cultivating the establishment of trust into divine guidance and confidence in “the rightness of all that is” as a basic attitude. Once that which receives the most attention in life increases, it is advisable to shift the focus away from illness to health. This involves developing a vision of being healed, of realizing wholeness, and anchoring this well in the subconsciousness. Doubts are counterproductive. It is important to accept one’s tasks in life and to consider that time is irrelevant in infinity. It is helpful if reconciliation with oneself takes place and shadowy parts that have been pushed to the edge can be accepted and integrated again. It should also be mentioned that an imaginative wish for health is rarely sufficient. We need to take specific actions. Firstly, it is necessary to compensate for health deficiencies. These can be external deficiencies, for example: Movement, macronutrients, hormones, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants, rest, relaxation, sleep, etc. An unhealthy lifestyle has a price. Often this leads to a reduction of the life span including painful symptoms.

First and foremost, it is a matter of survival. Actions that wait for good “luck” are rarely enough. In case of a fatal ulcer, several medical specialists should be consulted. The step is always to ensure survival. Afterwards, sustainability can be emphasized to prevent a repetition. Self-appointed “healers” should not be trusted. These are often clouded by their own illusions – they also often suffer from delusions of megalomania. They always know what would be good for the others, but if one analyses their lives, they sometimes represent failed existences that only play a “sublime” role and spread thesis alien to life.

A medical system can help most effectively in achieving wholeness if practitioners are spiritually educated. Since behind every symptom there can be a hidden message, a pure fight against symptoms does not help the patient enough. It is much more likely that a shift in symptoms can occur.

The hermetic work is structurally oriented towards becoming whole and thus towards healing. However, healing means more than just fighting physical aches and pains. Wholeness means accepting one’s fate and consciously experiencing one’s everlasting connection with the one Creator. One goal is the perfection of all bodies, as the more subtle and coarse-material bodies need purification for the purpose of the ever more intense energies on the spiritual path. The higher the level on which the subtle balance is achieved, the greater the effect. Man has indeed self-healing powers, but as long as man still has a distorted image of himself and reality, he is not able to use these powers correctly.

In the fundamental courses of the Hermetic Academy, the powers of healing, self-healing and the view of Hermeticism on wholeness and perfection are taught.

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