Mystery schools are for thousands of years the spiritual centers of mankind. The teachings of the mystery schools are intended to help people to develop their potential and to maintain a universal orientation that covers all essential areas of life. In this way the student will gain self-knowledge and can realize worthwhile virtues through the tools of the mystery tradition, namely study, meditation and ritual.

Mystery School – There were mystery schools at any time. In many ancient cultures, mystery schools were the spiritual centers where the mysteries were kept. Mystery schools are the guardians of ageless wisdom, they preserve teachings that in former times were accessible only to a small circle of initiates. The teachings and mysteries were passed from teacher to student from mouth to ear. Since the beginning of book printing it was possible to pass on teachings in written form to students of mystery schools, whereby a part of the mysteries was always passed on from mouth to ear. Nowadays it is possible through modern technology and the internet to provide esoteric teachings and tools to a wider circle of people.

Nowadays there are eastern and western mystery paths. On the eastern path masters and students live isolated in an ashram and do not take part in social life with their duties and tasks. Eastern disciples do not have the opportunity to develop on all levels or to grow from other challenges of life. Rather, they are limited to life and the exercises and teachings in the isolated ashram. On the Western mystery path, life is a large training field, with all its areas, as well as the material challenges that belong to life, such as family, job, vocation, finances, health, development, spirituality, etc.

Since the beginning of human history, people have been searching for the purpose of life, for knowledge and wisdom. From time immemorial they have tried to understand the world where we live. If this quest is persistent, the way often leads to the gates of a mystery school. A Mystery School that keeps tried and tested methods and tools for spiritual development of man, and that is an authorized and authentic vehicle of the Western Mystery Tradition, is the Hermetic Academy.

The Hermetic Academy preserves practical tools and instructions to understand the world we live in. It provides orientation and a comprehensive perspective on how the individual areas of life belong together. It keeps the inner mysteries of life and the true origins of the human soul. The Hermetic Academy offers a way to recognize the inner reality behind the outer appearance and to comprehend the mysteries of the inner being of man. The tools of the hermetic cabbalist tradition are study, meditation and ritual. The ageless wisdom of Western mysticism, hermeticism, Kabbalah, Gnosis, Rosicrucian etc. is taught to the students of the Mystery School.

The online courses of the Hermetic Academy lead step by step to the doctrines and mysteries. These teachings assist in all areas of life as well as in finding meaning, developing inner potential, overcoming fear of existence and much more. Students who follow the Western mystery path learn to balance their personality and the various aspects of their personality. They also learn to understand the true meaning of life and to explore the different areas of consciousness. The path of the Mystery School is also a path of self-knowledge.

A goal of the mystery tradition on the hermetic-kabbalistic path is the connection to the higher consciousness. The Western Mystery Path offers the possibility to be guided there step by step. The Hermetic Kabbalah keeps the secret teaching of the divine worlds in its innermost. The initiatory path may lead to the highest spheres. It is the path of transformation. In the Mystery School students learn to turn more and more to the higher, to develop further and to be guided by the higher. In this process a path of human refinement takes place.

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